bitchin’ kitchen.
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so if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that i loathe my current kitchen’s color scheme. the tile is, ugh, yellow and burgundy. burgundy probably being one of my least favorite colors. ever. so, one of the things high on the plus side of having to move is that the kitchen in my new place is black & white. with hardwood floors! i couldn’t be more excited about decorating around these colors (or lack thereof). i think i might start with a chalkboard black backsplash, like this one via design*sponge. but that’s just the beginning.

i bought these cool vintage laboratory bottle set from amradio’s etsy shop and i’m going to use them to display my spices; i also got one of rae dunn’s cute ceramic salt cellars. there’s also the perfect spot to hang my vintage chalkboard, so that’s coming to the new place for sure. and i’m replacing a somewhat ghastly existing fixture with schoolhouse electric’s Factory Light No. 6 Cable pendant.

i love this knife rack against the black wall, and i’m going to store tea towels in one of my vintage school lockers, like this one from lily.

i’ll definitely be displaying my brookyln to west cheese board, too — perhaps stacked like these cutting boards from helt enkelt along with my collection of white dishware and ceramics (below). one of the things i love about moving is repurposing my existing pieces and re-using them in a new space in an entirely brand new way.

love the look of this vintage stove with black & white kitchen accents, via remodelista.

i really like the look of the bialetti espresso maker with the little glass cups and cork board, so i’m gonna totally copy this look. i like this look below too, via decor8 — so organized and clean.

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  1. You can’t go wrong with black + white, love it! But I also love how all those spaces look super chic, yet not too expensive to achieve. And speaking of horrible tile colors…. our current 1950’s bathroom sports some pink + burgundy tile! And it’s all over, the entire shower too! Needless to say, we weren’t planning on being here long.

  2. “burgundy probably being one of my least favorite colors. ever.” What?!?!! But you seem so nice…. ; ( However, as much as I love deep reds with a touch of brown, I have to admit that burgundy tile wouldn’t be my first choice for a kitchen.

  3. I wish you’d add a “Pin It” button to your posts. I’d love an easy way to give your blog some exposure on Pinterest. So many of your ideas are inspiring!

    • amaya – if you click on the headline only (the direct url for the this post) there is a pin button at the bottom of the post. also, if you click ‘pin it’ in your toolbar, the images come up as well.


  4. Those matt black tiles are too sexy! Too bad Brooklyn To West isn’t making the cheeseboards any more, I’m hopelessly in love with those too. Sigh.
    Can’t wait to see these ideas applied to your next kitchen, Victoria!

  5. My favorite kitchen has the vintage stove. I love how well the rustic and modern elements in the room work together!

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