olsson & jensen.
by victoria comment


behold the vintage-inspired home accessories and styling from swedish designers olsson & jensen. pretty gorgeous, huh? i love the juxtaposition of the vintage ornate furnishings, paired with the mid-century modern, and even 1970’s tie-dye — somehow the way olsson & jensen has styled their pieces just works. the subtle grays, pale lavenders and plum with just a hint of gold is a fine palette to work with, too. i very much love all i see from olsson & jensen, and i like their motto, too: “It does not matter if it is classic, bohemian, fastidious, romantic, modern, chic, rustic, simple, crude or elegant as long as we ourselves are happy.”

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  1. The lamps are really cool and the chair and how it is marbled and the gold lamp and the mirror and the pillows!

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