lighting the way.
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sometimes you can decorate a room around just one really extraordinary lighting fixture. a beautiful vintage fixture like this one from cafe no hut can literally light up a room, giving you one particularly swell source of inspiration — and then you just take off from there. that one truly unique and special fixture is all you need to make a room smashing, all on its own. here’s a few i’m inspired by.

beautiful blue glass pendant lamp, via weekday carnival.

darcy miller’s home, photographed by Nikolas Koenig for Architectural Digest magazine.

a trio of black drop pendant lamps via lonny magazine.

extra large white floor lamp via archiproducts.

vogue living magazine; margot chandelier from egg collective; the emily and norah suspension lamps from deightfull unique lamps.

muuto pendant lamps, photographed by petra bindel, above and below.

a simple but effective drop pendant lamp via lonny magazine.

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  1. The white bed lamp inspires me and I am searching for that as its the best thing for late night studies. Recently I’ve a smaller one so that I can’t keep it on my eyes and have to move beside to get maximum light. I want this in blue color.

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