good reads: my heart wanders.
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if you’re feeling any kind of wanderlust at all, i highly recommend stylist, photographer and author pia jane bijkerk’s new book, my heart wanders. What would happen if one day you decided to follow your heart? Where would it take you? Pia Jane Bijkerk takes us on her journey as she leaves behind a comfortable life in Sydney to follow, unconditionally, her instincts. Setting up home first in Paris, then on a houseboat in Amsterdam, Pia observes the serendipitous moments that present themselves when letting go and following one’s dreams. My Heart Wanders is the story of that journey, documented beautifully by pia’s own photography. ready? i’m getting packed. where would you head first?

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  1. If I decided one day to follow my heart, no doubt, it would lead me back to San Francisco. I lived there for 1 year right after I graduated college and I’ve never stopped dreaming of it since.

  2. This looks beautifully made with so much care, so inspiring. I think I could just wander in the woods for the rest of my life finding small surprises in changing things as I go…

  3. What a lovely book… I’ll head right on over to Amazon. The first place I would go would be Canterbury. I have seen it in sunshine and moonlight and mist. It has such a timeless quality about it. For example, there is a Laura Ashley shop right by the gate to the cathedral close – or there used to be anyway. I loved the cathedral ( actually got to sit on a bench in the close and listen to the bell-ringers practicing ). My daughter loved the shops, my son loved the bookstores, and my husband loved all the funny little streams that wind through it which the English insist on calling rivers. ” Only the English would call something you can step across a river.” And we all loved the little bakery/tea shop we discovered in a backstreet.

  4. What an amazingly wonderful idea.. my Sagittarian side is all aflutter with ideas! I would also start in Francce, but I would make my way to Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece. A tour of the Mediterranean!

  5. I recently order this book direct from Pia’s web site. She is in Sydney and I am in rural southern France and it only took 8 days to arrive! She will put a personal note in it if you buy it directly from her. And she wraps each one uniquely. It’s all very lovely. (But be warned, you have to pay for international shipping.) I had planned to savor the book over several days, but ended up reading it through in two sittings because the voice felt so authentic and the images were so inviting. And I love how Pia’s photography is so uniquely hers. Lush and luminous both. Well, that was a lot of words to say “two thumbs up” for My Heart Wanders.
    Mary Jo

  6. First, New Orleans, I’ve been longing for it lately, then to Ireland, fitting in one of the cross-country equestrian tours that are offered there. Then, I guess, I would see what sounded good next.

    • New Orleans is one of those places that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go. I wrote a piece for the Memphis paper years ago about taking my kids to NOLA every year for spring break….. before the Internet. I got so many calls, notes, postcards from people who literally ” longed ” for New Orleans…. it was a revelation to me about how places sink into you and cannot be escaped.

  7. This book looks so lovely! And a nice reminder to never accept complacency in life. This make reminiscence of the days when I was just a carefree young lady living in Paris… I would head back there in a heartbeat!

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