the great pumpkin.
by victoria comment


call me an anarchist, but i don’t really care for halloween decorations (or the christmas season’s red & green, for that matter). i am not a fan of orange and black — at least not together in heavy doses. but i do like a hint of that pretty pumpkin shade scattered here and there. it’s actually quite a modern color, orange — don’t you think? i saw this shot of anna malin’s home via decor8 and quite liked that orange splash above the muted dining chairs. so, in the spirit of the san francisco giant’s playoff season and halloween creeping up around the corner, i humbly give you — the great pumpkin.

gabriel designs for O.R.Y.Magazine.

hans wegner chair from inspiring living.

elisabeth aarhus.

stilleban poster; at swim two birds ‘swirl’.

Oval Leather Chair by Garza Marfa at heath ceramics.

Joyce Lee “The Novel” photographic print via the beholder.

trine thorsen’s dining room.

living etc. magazine.

lindsey adelman.

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  1. Oh, I agree. I’ve never been a big fan of the combination of orange & black together… but these! These are some really gorgeous rooms. It’s amazing how some of them are so well thought-out, the single orange item really brings the entire room together.

  2. I’m loving everything about each and every interior in these photo’s. Orange is a color (I used to hear) that was used in Restaurants to get people to eat and get out! But I love it. Grew up with an orange wall to wall shag carpet (ugh), orange counter-tops and an orange Swedish style fire-place of which my mother gave away when she had it replaced! MOTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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