oh, and happy, happy friday.
by victoria comment


this is how i feel almost every day. always busy. and now i’m purging and packing for the big move. but first all that purged stuff is going up for sale — garage sale. here on saturday, october 20. if you’re in san francisco, come by castro street at the corner of 23rd. you’ll see us. hustlin.

everyday i’m hustlin print by paper jam press.

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  1. Lots of luck with the garage sale–it’s taking some serious willpower/plans-I-can’t-get-out-of to keep from coming and blowing my paycheck.

    I promise I’m commenting as a regular reader, but I also have to suggest something relevant to my job: *if* you aren’t able to sell everything, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco just opened a ReStore (www.habitatgsf.org/restore) last month, which accepts donations of furniture, decor, etc., in order to raise money to build more homes. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re left with some items, and maybe even once you start furnishing the new place too.

  2. Enjoying the pre-move and can’t wait to see photos when you move and settle in. Funny, in 1984, when I first moved to San Francisco to go to State, I lived on the corner of 22nd and
    Castro. Of my 12 years living in the City, it was always between the Mission and Noe Valley. So pleased that your next home is in the same delightful area. Success on your yard sale!

  3. I am so excited that you are having a moving sale tomorrow! I get so much inspiration the pictures used on your site. I just roadtripped/moved to California from Philly – with literally nothing but my clothes and favorite possessions. Since I’ve arrived I have been CONSTANTLY in thrift stores, online looking at the “free” and furniture section of craigslist… but not so much luck. Do you plan on having any furniture? Any recommendations for thrifting? Hope to see you tomorrow around 10! Sincerely , Bonnie

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