a fresh look at door no. 4.
by victoria comment


i’ve shared this amazing home here once before, but it’s been photographed again from a whole new angle, and offers a fresh new look at i think what’s become a number one reader favorite home here. this is 1970′s townhouse incredibly renovated by swedish interior designer marie olsson nylander, and it’s up for sale! should we all chip in and have a blogger retreat? i’ve never seen some of these rooms before — like the stellar vintage-inspired kitchen or baths, or some of the other rooms from these angles — and i think the furnishings have been updated as well. let’s have another look, shall we?

• images via hemnet.

12 responses to “a fresh look at door no. 4.”

  1. Lush. Never realized before how important white is. It really makes all the deep colors including black, seem much more lush in these images than if these items (sofa for instance), were in a more monotone or colorful surrounding… Victorians’ liked white on their exteriors because the colors that surpass through a day in nature, would reflect off it..

  2. Can I please, please, please be on your list for the bloggy retreat !! I am totally voting for that !!!!
    Love everything about it – the wonderful world of artsy people !!

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