bing it on.
by victoria comment


this series is sponsored by Alt Summit for its partner bing.

i’m always up for trying something new and interesting, and i’ve been invited to take the Altitude Design Summit Bing Blogger Challenge. what, you say is bing? i didn’t know about it either, but bing is a new search engine – like google, but with enhanced social media aspects and tools that aim to make your search results much more humanized for you, personally and locally — because we search to do more, not just to simply search endlessly. so, when you search on bing, not only does it bring your results, show you the map and directions and hours, it allows you to say, make a dinner reservation or buy movie tickets right then and there on the search results page. and it also brings people to the search process — bing shows who of your facebook friends might have some inside scoop about your search, because they’ve reviewed it, or posted about it. so, bing mimics what real life should be — which is asking your friends and family and experts where they might go.

so instead of ‘googling’ it, i’m going to try ‘binging it’ for the week, and give you an honest assessment of how it worked for me. want to join the bing blogger challenge and let me know how it worked for you? do it! you can try it out by making your default search engine bing for the week right here. then on friday we can all report back and let bing know your thoughts. they want to hear how it worked for you, so if need be, they can make it even better. so, let’s bing it on!

• IMAGES: BOXERS and inspector clouseau.

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