no rules. just great design.
by victoria comment


i quite like the decorating manifesto behind this home tour featured in bolig magazine: “Blow the rules and decorate with heart”. that’s my kinda design. Dare you mix graffiti with large-flowered pillows? danish stylist Camilla Tange Peylecke thinks it’s just fine. i like the way she thinks and i admire her very eclectic, unfussy effortless style. for the full house tour, visit bolig.

• photos by peter kragballe.

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  1. Isn’t this really the design advice we should all live by? I enjoying looking at Scandinavian design blogs and the one thing I’ve noticed is that the homes (almost) always look like people actually live in them. They’re decorated with a mix of vintage, antique, new, hand-me-down and whatever seems to be necessary in a graceful style, with a bit of quirkiness. I’ve also noticed that the Swedes and Danes, etc. appear to be much more comfortable throwing in items from Ikea, while Americans seem to feel a need to scorn Ikea. (Have you ever read comments on Apartment Therapy?) Many Americans aren’t as confident in their decorating and are much more concerned about slavishly following design “rules”. Rules are meant to be broken! As always, thanks for the lovely photos.

    • Hi Cathy

      It really is. I totally agree. I can not wait to own our own home and decorate it as we see fit and with things that makes us happy.

      You mention that you look at Scandinavian blogs? I’d be really interested to know which ones? I am new to this site so going to go and rummage through the back catalogue of posts. Can’t wait to see what I find


  2. I love these spaces. I agree with what Cathy is saying about the homes looking lived in and comfortable. It helps me look at my own home from a new perspective.

  3. I get the impression from these photos that the home and it’s decor really reflects its owner, it seems personal and well-attended to. It is truly a beautiful home!

    On a side note, I love the graffiti! I have been wanting to “tag” a message in my daughters room.. perhaps the words to a French children’s poem (she is bi-lingual). This interior has convinced me to go ahead and do it (although perhaps I better start with a canvas before actually painting on the walls…).

  4. Love this post!
    I don’t like rules when I am decorating my home, rules are for others things in life, you need to decorate like you said from the heart, I decorate my house so that my husband, child and two dogs feel at home and not a museum. Also that word I really don’t like it, who likes rules hehe!


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