modern cottage.
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ever since i found out i was moving into a cozy cottage, i’ve been daydreaming away about how i’ll be decorating it. although it’s an older victorian cottage, it’s been modernized — almost too much, so we’re ripping up carpeting and restoring fir wood floors and replacing bad lighting fixtures (and i mean really bad) and white washing the walls. the landlord has been swell about all my ideas and was wanting to give the place a facelift anyway, so i am quite fortunate to be able to have a little say in what colors we paint, and what fixtures we go with. i keep looking around for inspiring ideas and here’s a few i really love. a modern cottage is the way i really want to go.

my bedroom is an a-frame, and i keep wondering — do i go black again behind my bed, like this one from erin martin design? or go peaceful white? what do you think?

there will be lots of bright white and some plant life for sure, like this via line thit klein photography (above); and bolig; and little house blog (below).

and i hope to keep things nice and open — as much as i can in such a small space — like this via lönngren widell photography.

i find lotta jansdotter’s organized shelving inspiring, via design*sponge.

i’m also liking the idea of built-in bookshelves like the sticotti shelving from design within reach (above); or these white shelves (or some kind of more affordable ikea-hack) photographed by Jacob Termansen, via vosgesparis (below).

• top photos via peter kragballe photography; and nicole franzen.

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  1. If I could describe my style aesthetic, it would be “modern cottage.” Modern can be comfortable and a cottage can be sophisticated. Put them together and BAM. Beauty.

  2. I’m kinda with Brett on this one, V. I love a good counterpoint. Or what about a really dark charcoal or *dark* chocolate – something that ‘reads’ black but changes with the lighting? So exciting about the move! Although, for the record, I *hate* moving. So I feel for you at the same time. Can’t wait to see the results!

  3. I so like the contrasts in the first picture & last. They feels modern, open, yet warm. Sometimes all white feels cold, even in a small abode. Can’t wait to see your finished home!

  4. i always gravitate to dark in photos, but when it come times to do the deed i fall right back to white. i’m afraid i am no help…but either look is stellar.

  5. I am so excited for you and this new opportunity of making a lovely new home. I myself am in the process of looking for my own tiny space in Seattle.
    A few years ago I painted my bedroom walls a rich chocolate brown, with white trim. I loved it, and though most everything in the room like my comforter were white, the brown also looked very pretty with other colors. But I do love crisp white walls best of all, with a mix of modern and vintage decor.
    I so look forward to seeing your new place!!

  6. I absolutely love the dark walled bedroom. I’ve painted everything in my home white except for the bedroom walls which are milk chocolate. I let my sister and BFF talk me into it instead of a dark chocolate that I should have gone with but I have been happy with the dark walls for years now and am not going to change it unless I go darker. Very cave like for sleeping which is saying something for SW Florida!

  7. Oh! I also am really glad you’ve found a place you can be excited about and having a nice landlord open to your ideas is great!

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