bing: part deux.
by victoria comment


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so, i’m curious. did you take the bing challenge and try out their new search engine? and if so, what did you think? were bing’s added social media aspects something that enticed you to keep on using it?

here’s what i thought about my bing experience:

• overall, it worked for me on general searches quite well, and i would keep on using it.

• i liked bing’s added features including being able to link instantly to make a dinner reservation without clicking around – one stop shopping, if you will. mighty convenient, and backs up bing’s motto that “bing is for doing”.

• while i was intrigued by bing’s facebook feature sharing who of my facebook friends may have some insider scoop on a particular search, like a restaurant or shop, i’m also not a huge fan of facebook in general, so it’s probably an added value i wouldn’t make the most of. but, i’m sure for many of you who do enjoy the facebook connection this would be a really interesting asset.

• one thing i would like to see bing add is a reverse image search option — and i’ve let bing know that. as a blogger, i am constantly using google’s reverse image search to locate the original source of an image. i’m kind of a stickler about crediting images, so i find this tool really invaluable – you simply drag the image you’re searching the source for into their search bar and it hunts it down. it doesn’t always come up with the results, and you often have to dig further, but it works for me more often than not. it’s quite like tineye if you’ve ever used that, but i think the results are better.

• top image via wallpaperof.

6 responses to “bing: part deux.”

  1. So my question is: how are you supposed to decorate when one has a Boho design style and the other is Vegas Baby with a touch of Sassy?

  2. I hate bing – I think it’s a dreadful search engine and every time I attempt to use it I curse myself for thinking that it might be better than it is.

    On a brighter note…I love your blog – keep up the good work!

    • Hi Susan,

      It’s Natalie from Bing. I would love to understand more about what you don’t like and see if we can fix them asap. ‘Hate’ and ‘dreadful’ are words we never want to hear associated with Bing.


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