well, naturally.
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i’m trying to get back to basics, to purge unnecessary items i have piling up over here before i move to the new place. i just don’t need this stuff, you know? these images of natural elements and neutral decor inspire me to be ruthless while cleaning out closets and drawers packing for the new place. if it doesn’t have a reason for being, or can’t be re-purposed into something useful right now, away it goes. into the garage sale pile. oh yeah, if you didn’t hear, we’re having yet another yard sale this saturday – part deux, the finale!

honey pie living.

OLIVE & MANNA (above and below). love the ceramic egg crate for containing the odd bits and bobs.

bodie & fou.


bodie & fou.


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  1. Totally root for deep clearing our spaces and only keeping the stuff we love. Less is more! This full moon is naturally the best time for purging, releasing, letting go and experiencing flow. Love, love, love this natural aesthetic!

  2. Love,love these rooms… was looking at a decorating book over the weekend and one thing really bothered me. Though most of the rooms were very nice, the living areas all seemed to have coffee tables that were only for show. The tops were beautifully decorated with great tablescapes, but the tables were so situated that you couldn’t put a drink on them or your feet or a plate…. basically totally nonfunctional. What is the point? A table should have a function, just as a chair or a sofa does. Sorry, rant over now.

  3. Love the crate idea for storage…certainly fits my budget. Enjoy your blog…please stop by and visit mine…I need all the helpful suggestions I can get!

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