your 15 minutes of instagram fame.
by victoria comment


if you follow me on instagram, you’re probably pretty aware i am slightly addicted to documenting my life there. i even have my own page on the blog dedicated to my instagram stream. so, This is happening, and if you’re an Instagram addict too, chronicle books may choose one of your photos to be included in their new book — a collection of instagram photographs from you, you and you! chronicle will be crowd-sourcing the book entirely from photos submitted by Instagram users. they love the idea of tapping into all the amazing image-making that’s going on out there, and gathering the results into an awesome photography book. to read more about the book, visit chronicle’s blog and upload your instagram images click here. here’s just a very few of the instagrammers i follow that i’d love to see make it into the book (selfishly, myself included!). happy snapping!

this wild idea; designlovefest; door sixteen; and dabito.

clockwise, l to r: Morgan Satterfield; sfgirlbybay; wood and faulk; and hindsvik.

lisa congdon; bonnie tsang; honey kennedy and cindy loughridge.

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  1. Can’t believe I haven’t been following you… I’ve been an InstaAddict since they launched in 2010. It’s highly addicting and I love following Bay Area locals! Unfortunately for this book, you had to have taken the photo IN Instagram in order to submit. What a bummer! Most of my pics are taken with the camera app and then Instagrammed. Easier to take a few shots to make sure you get the best framing that way. I have so many from Oaxaca I would have loved to submit. #nexttime


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