at the round table.
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i love dinner parties, don’t you? i think most of the time, i’d much prefer gathering friends at home, over eating at a restaurant. it’s just so much more intimate, and the conversation isn’t drowned out by the clatter of a bustling cafe, buzzing with other diners’ chatter. and i like a round table best of all. i imagine that’s why the literary dignitaries at the algonquin round table, chose that shape rather than say a long rectangle — that would have just sounded all kinds of wrong (the algonquin rectangle table does not roll off the tongue well). at a proper round table you can face the other diners and have civilized conversation, none of that straining your neck to hear what everyone’s laughing about at the other end of the table, right? even when it’s just a table for two, round is where it’s at. here’s a few great ones.

bo bedre.

L TO R: bolig magazine; apartment therapy; reid rolls photography; design*sponge.

april and may.

elle decor UK.

miss moss.

joe schmelzer.


• top image mrs. jones.

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  1. I’ve always opted for a round table. Not only is it (usually) more space saver friendly, but it creates a social environment amongst its diners. You don’t have to strain your neck outward to see you dear Aunt Trina across the way. : ) Everyone is just right there… a glance away… to talk to. My kind of dinner party. Lots of talking. Love it!

  2. Round tables have better flow. Can’t get my eyes off of the spaces via bo bedre and bolig mag… There is the softness of the round table, the lovely details, the palette that includes white, dark and beautiful wood tones & textures, and a sense of clarity and spaciousness that is stunning. Thank you!

  3. We had a round table growing up. It forces a family to look at each other! lol.. They are good for so many reasons. I love the French doors in this. That particular grey room has a great depth of field going on- starting with that stunning image above the round table. I have been aware of images that do that. They express infinity and make the room look bigger..

  4. Totally agree. Even in a large space, a round table creates such an intimate setting. I’ve noticed that, once we switched to a round table, people will tend to sit and chat, even with a comfy couch nearby.

  5. Wow, this examples are just great. I really really like the table on the second picture and of course the dining area styled by Glen Proebstel for Elle Decoration UK.
    Your post is a great source of inspiration. Thank you.
    Greetings from Prague,

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