good reads: decorate workshop.
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i think you’re going to like this book. a lot. a follow-up to holly becker’s beautiful decorate book, her new book decorate workshop is totally hands-on. she’s organized the book in such a way that it makes decorating your home a whole lot less daunting. holly shares her eight-step process to assess a space and carry your personally unique vision to a completely finished room. not only are there 250 photographs of gorgeous interiors photographed by debi treloar, there’s also worksheets and ideas on how to create mood boards to get you started, creating a budget, a schedule and all of the design secrets that have made holly’s blog decor8 one of the most beloved blogs out there. i think decorate workshop is a decorating tool you’re really going to love. here’s just a few of the pretty pages.

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  1. Ooohh!!! I always love new design books (I”m totally addicted) and will be wanting this one for Christmas! I’m going to have at least 20 of them on there now…. I have a problem.

    Much Love,

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