bigfoot lives.
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Tonight the folks at Office will launch a Bigfoot-inspired art show featuring works by talented local artists such as Dave Eggers, Lisa Congdon, Jessica Hische and many others. Proceeds from the art sales will benefit the 826 Valencia, home of the Pirate Supply Store and 826 Boston, home of the Bigfoot Research Center — both are wonderful tutoring centers for kids founded by bay area author Dave Eggers.

The collection includes several re-imagined Northern California tree rounds, dozens of vintage postcards with a hand-screened design, and more than 35 framed paintings. The event is sold out, but Selected works will be available for sale at office after the show and all Proceeds go to 826 Valencia and 826 Boston. Here’s all the event info — even though it is sold out, there is a wait list!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I really like the look of this collection. I actually really wished the second image was my feature wall in my romantic log cabin in the woods. But I don’t have a romantic log cabin and it seems I probably won’t own the prints either. Still… wishful thinking right? :P

    Thanks :)


  2. Beautiful, love his peaceful heart! I personally know someone who is responsible for some Bigfoot sightings and that person also has a peaceful heart!

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