sink or swim.
by victoria comment


so the time has finally arrived and i am moving to my new home this week. i’m almost finished packing but i was having one of those ‘sink or swim’ kind of moments — realizing i really needed some help or i was going to drown here — so i invited some of my favorite bloggers to jump in this week. in honor of my big move, they’re going to share with you some guest posts on what home means to them. i think you’re going to like these posts. i’ll be blogging here and there — including an awesome giveaway this morning, but i really did need a break to get this move over with. i do hope you understand. see ya soon!

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  1. i wish you happy and smooth moving, it’s not easy but it’s exciting. i’m moving also at the end of the year, so i totally get you. and can’t wait guests posts. have a nice day ._.

  2. Good Morning Victoria from Vancouver, BC….wishing you all the *very best* to you and sweet Lucy on your move into your wonderful new home… exciting! Looking forward (as we all are…) on the transformation of your new palace! Cheers….Valerie

  3. i wish you the best in your new home. I hope that you gonna feel inspire in your new home. Have a nice and funny moving!! I send you a beat of our beautiful light and color from Quebec!!!

  4. best wishes on the move and making this new home as lovely as the last two you’ve kindly shared with us here!

    more truth be told – i am jealous of you getting to move and decorate a new place. i actually enjoy the process of going through stuff, winnowing down only to sometimes buy new pretties to fit the new space and learning about the world and myself in the process. been looking for a new place to “be” for a long time and haven’t yet found just the right space – but i will keep looking and i will find it! sounds like you found yours (hope so).

    much happiness to you and sweet lucy!


  5. Best of luck with your move. I had to move after living somewhere happily for four years and was heartbroken but it turned out to be the best move ever. Sometimes life throws things at us that are scary and unwelcome but once we get through to the other side we are stronger and will hopefully have new and wonderful adventures.

    Change is always hard, enjoy the break and the exciting times ahead setting up your new home!

  6. Good luck with the move! I remember just moving in and out of dorm rooms every year in college was tough, I don’t even want to think about moving a house worth’s of stuff! Plus there was the year I lost a vintage diamond bracelet during the move…though we’re pretty sure that bracelet was slightly cursed anyway.

  7. Moving is so difficult. It is hard to say goodbye to someplace that has supported you and made you feel good. Homes are our shelter and safety nets and our memories. But we get to bring all those elements to the next place! Because Home is Where You Are! (I believe you have that written somewhere.) Enjoy making your next place special.

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