a cup of jo.
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“Home Is Where People are Happy to See You.

Whenever I see (or call or email) my mom, she always acts ecstatic. Even though I’m usually regaling her with something super boring (“I’m ordering Mexican for dinner tonight,” “I’m kind of sleepy today,” “Did you see that it snowed?”), she’s always thrilled to hear every detail. although I’m 33 years old, it feels reassuring to have someone who is so reliably happy that you exist.

So, now that I have a child of my own, I make it a point to never hide how happy I am to see him. Even if I’m buried in emails or writing a post, I’ll look up and grin, eyes twinkling, when he walks in the door. And of course when I’m done working, we play together around the house, whether it’s guitar, trucks, puzzles or jumping on the bed. I want him to always know, 100%, that his mama is happy to see him. Then, wherever he is, he’ll feel at home.”


•Photos: Photo #1 was taken by us; photo #2 is by Sarina Cass of Red Anchor Photo.

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  1. This was probably the biggest thing I learned from the Oprah show. She interviewed Toni Morrison, who asked women “Does your face light up when your child comes into the room?”. Because your child is noticing. I try to use that in my relationships with other adults too — there are people who welcome you and those who make you wonder why you’re there. Here’s the video.


  2. This is lovely. I also try to listen to what is so important for them right now. If they want to show me something I will stop what I’m doing and watch or see what it is. Knowing that they want to share with me what is ‘big’ for them right now will hopefully ensure that they will share with me what is ‘big’ for them when they are teenagers and we as parents really want to know what’s going on.

  3. wow such a lovely surprise to see you here. this and your blog are two of my daily reads. I was a little confused for a second, thought I hit the wrong one ! I love this post and like Lynn I remember watching that Oprah years ago….that always rings in my head, does your face light up when your child enters the room ? I always make sure mine does .

  4. That is really precious! I do try to make my 5 kids feel this way, I truly enjoy listening to them and being with them. I didn’t get that with my own mom, so I”m trying to do better.

  5. thanks for these sweet comments! oh my goodness i LOVE that quote from toni morrison; i hadn’t heard it before but now i want to look up that episode. it’s really true, children do notice! xoxo

  6. This is the way it should be – makes me want to smile at all the children who don’t have a parent smiling back at them when they walk into the room – so that they feel at home where ever they are.

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