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Hello — Lori of automatism here, with a little home inspiration while Victoria is busy moving into her own new home.

Home is a reflection of who you are. The books you read, the music you listen to, the art and photos you love, even the meals you choose to prepare — all of these are aspects of your personality. This is why, when visiting the homes of friends, it’s the details of their everyday life — the family photos, the souvenirs from travels, a quirky collection of vintage objects — that I’m especially drawn to, because it gives me a deeper understanding of what’s important to them, just as I surround myself in my own home with things that are important to me.

The London house of Karine Kong, co-founder of the interior site BODIE and FOU, to me perfectly expresses the idea of a home that’s both individual and modern. The personalities of Karine, her husband Steve and their daughter Mila are all equally represented — Karine’s elegant taste throughout the interior, Steve’s New Zealand roots in the garden he created for the family, to the front door painted in Mila’s favourite colour of pink. Relaxed and friendly, it’s a space that reflects their warm and happy way of living — a feeling of home.

Source: milk magazine

Photo credit: Louise Desrosiers

Shop: BODIE and FOU

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  1. Hi Lori! Great post. Love the initial thoughts on the concept of home, and the images … well, fabulous! Karine’s home is so awesome, and yes, full of personality. Thanks.

    :) Holly

  2. ****HI LORI**** [she says waving madly].

    Look at you, popping into my email box an extra time today…quite unexpectedly via sfgbb.

    i agree. home is a reflection of who you are. mine, is currently in need of a little attention. with all the construction we’ve had over the past several years, i have yet to completely make my mark on our spaces. it’s a work in progress.

    i adore that picture of the three of them on the couch. simply wonderful.

    so happy to see you here Lori and nice of you to fill in for Victoria….have a great day, Pam

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