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we recently moved into a new house and the concept of “home” has never been more on my mind. one thing i have noticed lately is how incredible walking in the front door is after a work trip, or finally getting back into your own bed after being away. here are some little moments from around my home…

home is the treasures we collect along the way and the stories behind our finds.

home is a place to let go and be ridiculous. it’s a place to dance around and wear clothes that don’t match at all.

home is a place to feel comfort. it’s a place for our “toppings tuesdays” and cocktail hours with close friends.

home is just those simple moments that make you smile. when the cat stretches, or your flowers bloom on your bedside table. home is the place where i feel like i can finally catch my breath.

victoria, we all can’t wait to see what you do with your new cozy cottage…from the paint colors to the treasures that you collect. we wish you only the best!

— bri, designlovefest

photos: designlovefest instagram.

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  1. Love bre’s sense of composition and color here! Also gotta appreciate her completely awe and joy she has for simple beauty and moments. I whole heartily agree that home is a fleeting moment of absolute contentment and joy. You’re going to love your new home victoria!

  2. Christmas in November? My google reader has designlovefest as the guest commentator on sfgirlbythebay. Newsflash…. “Home is where the heart is” can now officially be replaced with “Home is a place to let go and be ridiculous”.

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