Anh-Minh Le.
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“Ultimately, my home is a representation of my past, present, and future. From one of my favorite spots in the house—the daybed in the living room—I can see an abstract painting acquired from a gallery in Vietnam (where I was born); an overflowing container of matchbooks (picked up during various trips); stacks of research material for the articles I’m currently working on (I live under constant deadline pressure); and photos of family and friends (of course). I can also envision, as I look over at the adjacent dining room—with its 10-foot table that most days is far more than my husband and I require!—holiday gatherings that are to come. No matter where we’ve lived, our decorating efforts have always emphasized one thing: bringing in reminders of the people and places that we hold dear.”

— Anh-Minh Le, editor in chief of Anthology

• photos by Kelly Ishikawa.

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  1. Hi Jen! The dining table was purchased from HD Buttercup in SF. At the end of the year, I think they usually hold a Friends & Family sale where everything is 20% off.

  2. It’s wonderful! Could someone tell me what the container of matchbooks was originally used for? Seems like I’ve seen something like that once before but can’t remember it’s purpose. Thank you :)

    • Hi Mike! The glass vessel was something Anthropologie carried a few years ago, and it was described as a candy jar. I later found out that it’s made by a Philly-based company called Lostine (

  3. What a beautiful space! Where did you find then bench with the storage underneath? I’ve been looking for something similar with a place for shoes.

    • Hi Gina! I picked it up at Anthropologie a few years ago. It’s a vintage piece that apparently came from an old school gymnasium. Someone should make a reproduction! Because the size is really great (not too deep or long, so it fits well in most spaces) and it’s so practical.

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