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“Home is…a lot different after this little guy came along.

I have a small apartment in San Francisco. We’re lucky to have it at all, so when I found out I was pregnant, I knew we’d be staying in place for a few years, and stretching to make room for an another person.

Life with a kid means a lot of change, and a lot of surprises. For example, who knew babies could fit under a Case Study daybed? Now Ivo is three, and our home is constantly being reconfigured by my tiny yet insistent interior designer. Furniture is for moving around and climbing on. Chairs become the foundation of a fort, and the dining table turns into a bus. There is a heap of cardboard boxes permanently stacked in my living room, in case he needs to make a train or open a grocery store.

A lot of things I see online are very aspirational. I too love the visuals but personally, I am learning to give up control and to roll with the inevitable. Home is no longer picture-perfect, but maybe that’s a good thing.”

— rena tom, makeshift society.

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  1. Your post made me grin hugely. My son is 23, and he looked so like your Ivo at 3. I remember fondly all of the forts, space ships and various special places that filled our home then. Lovely chaos!

  2. Oh the little guy is adorable. And about the same age as mine. And yes, I gave up the perfect home scenario ages ago. Maybe in about 18 years time I can think about decorating! :)

  3. Kids add the magic touch that design firms can’t manufacture. When your favorite chair becomes part of a fort, a tunnel or a train station…or the rug becomes an ocean or a tar pit where dinosaurs are sinking or a swimming pool when it’s too cold to go outside…you start to love your house even more!

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