i could live here : a remodeled roof-top flat in paris.
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hello, si from the french by design blog here. Today, in this regular “i could live here” series, we’re heading to paris, france. attachez vos ceintures* and bon voyage!

oh, now that’s another place i could easily live in! this is the home of isabelle, matthieu, and their 4-year-old son, arsène. isabelle and her companion are both architects, and transformed the abandoned attic of an old covent in the heart of the city of lights into a cosy interior, thanks to a dark color palette and a few brilliant interior design ideas. isabelle drew the front door, the staircase, the living room teak bookcase and the fireplace to name a few, and local artisans and craftsmen let their magic hands to the rest. little arsène can therefore enjoy sleeping in a dream-come-true wooden cabin-bed in his bedroom. now, how seriously cool is this?

si –- french by design

* [transl. from french : fasten your seatbelts]

• photos by louise desrosiers for milk magazine via l’atelier d’archi.

18 responses to “i could live here : a remodeled roof-top flat in paris.”

  1. J’adore! I have used the same palette of colors in my apartment in Paris and I love the cozy atmosphere it gives to a place. Mention spéciale for Arsène’s room :)

  2. Love the look of the place, but do those stair actually have no outside railing with a 4yr old in the house? It would make me insane with worry. Looks to be a 10ft drop to a hard floor near the top.

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