pillow talk.
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hello readers! i’ve missed you guys! it’s good to be back from the holidays and better still to be all moved and settled into my new home. i’m anxious to share the new space with you, so today i thought i’d jump right in and share one of my favorite rooms (there are only three – ha!) — the bedroom. i’ve never slept well, not ever — it takes me forever to turn my brain off and actually fall asleep, let alone stay asleep. so i can’t tell you the deep happiness i felt when i realized that here, in this new bedroom?! i can sleep and sleep deeply and fall asleep almost instantly — this is insane progress for me and i think it’s because the cottage is tucked back way off the street and surrounded by backyard gardens on all three sides, so it’s dead quiet. ah, rest at last! but i digress…back to the bedroom.

it’s a little difficult to shoot, because it’s small with super high, a-frame ceilings, but here you go — my first shots of the space. i hung my patrick townsend orbit chandlier high up in the a-frame, and i’ve finally hung my print called the novel, by joyce lee from the beholder. i also hung my thrifted gold gilted wall sconces and with that fleece flounce coral-colored pillow i appear to have embraced my inner ‘valley of the dolls’. it’s a little campy, and i like it. have a look around.

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  1. Okay. #1. Glad you can finally sleep! Very important! #2. OMG how cool is your bedroom!?! Not at all Valley of the Dolls, just slightly retro. I was telling my DIL over the weekend how you were converting me to a more Scandinavian aesthetic so, needless to say, I have already forwarded your bedroom to her. They are going to have to move due to a job change so I want her to see how you are coping. Keep up the stellar work!

  2. I love it, it has a wonderful sense of calm with personality if that makes any sense. congratulations on your cottage, sounds fabulous specially the gardens on three sides.

  3. looks great! glad to hear you are getting settled and sleeping better. all very important. :)
    how’s miss lucy doing?
    may you both be very happy in your new home!


  4. A very lovely bedroom indeed!! Love the print above your bed and the retro mirror, but I like everything about your bedroom really… if you ever have plans to visit Barcelona, maybe we can do a holiday swap?

    Congratulations on being able to sleep! No doubt the quiet gardens that surround you help with that, although it could be something as apparently silly as the orientation of your bed – head should be North for best rest…

  5. Having been through a move recently, I know the feeling of finally feeling settled. I love your new space, very light and airy. I also have an “A” frame style and though the ceiling height can be a challenge (kudos to you for getting the light fixture up) it is worth it… Can’t wait to see more of your space.
    Where is your over the door hook thingy from? I could use one of those :)!

  6. i am so happy you found such a great place. places here in sf are so hard to find right now. i love the look of the bedroom!

  7. Amazing! I am moving in with my boyfriend and we are downsizing (my dream rental brownstone apartment in Brooklyn sold; price increase by new owners was through the roof!). You and this bedroom are serving as our inspiration. Glad you found a new home to make beautiful!

  8. So happy to hear this. Deep sleep is an essential luxury.
    In other news, did you do the white finish on your armoire? It looks wonderful!

  9. okay gosh darn it all, you are so talented.
    your space screams of joy and color and a lightness of being.
    i think you can sleep better because of being surrounded by nature on all three sides.
    bravo! you have waited long & patiently. THIS you deserve!!

  10. Beautiful and so thoughtfully done. That high ceiling is fabulous! Love the art above the bed, love the door hook with the scarves, love the light fixture with the dimmer :). Quick question: What is the pillow on the rocker? West Elm?

  11. Score! What a great space. High-ceiling’s to die for will make up for less space! Love your bedroom and your new picture art. What fun doors and windows too! Love your photo’s. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  12. I absolutely love it! I love all the white with pops of color, you sure do know how to “make it work”. :) I also admire how everything has a place already (even if you end up rearranging later!). I am so bad at not completely unpacking when I move and I end up stashing odds and ends in hidden corners behind doors. Bravo! I’d sleep peacefully here too.

  13. Gorgeous Victoria! You definitely have the Scandi vibe you were after, and the space looks like your oasis, but, fun too-not an easy combination to achieve! I am so happy that things are settling down for you, and like many others, I can’t wait to see it evolve as you become more settled. Kudos Victoria! <3

  14. Victoria, this looks beautiful! You combine things in a way I would never think of, but I love it. I can’t wait to see the rest of your place. I hope you will be happy there. I love living in a small place.

  15. Hi Victoria! Your whole house is beautiful! I just moved and it’s my inspiration :) would you be able to tell me where you got your white bookshelves shown above?

  16. Hi Victoria!
    I love your blog and am redecorating my bedroom and came across this post. Love it! Can I ask where you got your armoire? Also, where is your bedding from? Loving the grey pillowcases, the textured white cases and the bedspread/comforter. Looking for something similar. Thanks!! Charisse

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