it’s hip to be utilitarian.
by victoria comment


it seems just about everybody out there is making being truly tidy an utter freakin’ joy again. a stretch, perhaps? but no — who knew being utilitarian was kinda hip and cool? it’s trending for sure, and having just moved into a new place that’s brand spanking clean and freshly painted, i’m sort of keen to keep it that way. here’s a look at some stylish ideas for staying organized and tremendously tidy around the humble home abode — like the fancy-schmancy broom and dust pan and cleaning accoutrement below from west elm’s market collection of all things that are clean. here’s to cleanliness is next to…fabulousness?

i have this steel canvas laundry cart from old faithful shop, and i love it. laundry on wheels!

here’s some cool gear: 1. wipe those counters and dry the dishes with olive and joy’s linen cross tea towel; 2. don’t you dare leave water rings on that splendid table — instead use leif’s set of cabin teak coasters; 3. toss that trash into one of schoolhouse electric’s steel waste baskets; 4. your tool box should look as good as you do. this one from west elm will do nicely; 5. everyone should own a swiss army knife. you never know when you’re gonna need to look handy.

best made’s solid brass ruler makes measuring look really, really bad ass; and to smell really good at the same time? sam’s natural scented satchel’s from west elm. well, duh, naturally.

keep your kitchen tools at the ready in Oji Masanori’s Brass tool holders from mjölk.

keep up to date with the Stendig Calendar — Designed by Massimo Vagnelli in 1966, this awesome calendar was immediately added to the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. you can have one too — from schoolhouse electric.

even the bloody ironing looks good when you use this bamboo ironing board from west elm.

• top image: best made company field rule.

8 responses to “it’s hip to be utilitarian.”

  1. Who knew a tape measure could be so cool?

    I absolutely love the all the “heritage items out there right now, and Bravo to West Elm on that Market Collection.

    I love Old Faithful Shop too!

  2. Adore the laundry cart! that’s definitely on my wish list on pinterest.

    pic. no. 2 is what I have in my bedroom. we had a friend of ours who owned some land chop some wood for us. almost identical except ours is not as clean. :-))

  3. I’m catching up on your blog after a break and this post made me smile. I have a love of order and tidiness (and I’m a bit of a clean freak) but chaos creeps in when I’m not looking. There were so many things here that I’d like to have in my home but who ships steel waste cans from the US to the UK…. Anyway, many of the items reminded me of Labour and Wait ( It’s closer to home (much, much close) so maybe I should pop in and buy me some order enablers.
    Hope you and Lucy are happy in your new home. (It’s off topic but loved the first pictures…)

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