sfgirl by the hudson bay.
by victoria comment


who doesn’t love these blankets? i saw this post on the old faithful shop blog and memories came flooding in — hudson bay blankets evoke all kinds of happy childhood memories for me. my parents had one of these traditionally primary-colored striped hudson bay blankets — i think they may have even brought it with them all the way from canada when they moved to santa monica. we used it every weekend as our beach blanket. i think i have a photo of my mum somewhere, with it wrapped around her shoulders on one of the chilly beach days (my father refused to leave even when the weather was anything but beachy, so the blanket came in handy).

these days i’m eyeing one of the charcoal striped versions of the old bay — either the MILLENIUM CARIBOU THROW or the MILLENIUM BAY POINT BLANKET. prefect for cuddling up on the new couch. find them at old faithful shop (among many other wonderfully nostalgic household items).

• top image by jennilee marigomen.

5 responses to “sfgirl by the hudson bay.”

  1. I saw that photo on their blog also…love it.

    What is it about rocks, open water, and a warm blanket?

    What I really love is when designers use these blankets as upholstery. Very cool.

  2. You should definitely treat yourself to one of these lovely blankets. My family gave me a traditional one when I graduated college, and I love it. In Lakota culture, a blanket is given in times of life change, so now would be a perfect time to get one. :)

  3. My parents, too, have had one of the traditional primary colored Hudson Bay blankets for as long as I can remember. My mom always put it on my bed as an extra blanket on chilly nights. Many years later it is still a family favorite, although it has made its way to our cabin in Lake Tahoe. Gotta love products that last generations and only get better with time!

    • I have several from childhood and one I snagged from a person that was walking into Goodwill. His grandmother gave it to him. It didn’t fit his decor. Lucky me!

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