9 responses to “anthropologie’s a-b-c’s.”

  1. I’m obsessed with anything from an artist or a small business that makes it’s way to Anthropologie!! Good for her!! These letters are adorable…I love the R…maybe I’ll change my name to something that starts with R so I can have this in my home and not have people ask questions… =)

    Ergo – Blog

      • Ahhhhhh.. I know.. Her work is so dreamy, isn’t it?

        Oh! by the way.. YOUR new home looks dreamy.. I know you’ve just shared a few shots but I’ll bet you are creating such a beautiful space! We lived in a 400 sf place in Miami for years, and while it was tiny, I sort of loved how that small space directed the objects we surrounded ourselves with. Sometimes it seems like having to pare down allows you to find the things that are most important and most precious. I can’t wait to see more of what you do with your new cozy, soon to be leaning toward modern, cottage!

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