goth squad.
by victoria comment


one of the things i love about living etc. magazine is that it never fails to represent that brilliant kind of british style that they are so well-known for. it’s equal parts old london flat with tall ceilings and extraordinary vintage crown molding — meets this dramatic dash of goth style with a modern yet feminine swagger, and often with a sense of dark humor. take someone like designer mary quaint, or perhaps abigail ahern’s sense of style for instance – they’ve got this look down pat, but always put their own unique spin on it or add something whimsical and unexpected. i like these rooms for that reason too — boldly beautiful and a little bit playful.

lonny magazine (above) and jenna lyons bedroom via domino.

gardener and marks.

living etc. magazine.

douglas friedman photography (above and below).

living etc. magazine.

11 responses to “goth squad.”

  1. The dashes of black and the molding are about perfection in these shots. You are totally right about the ounce of playfulness in this look. I am just crazy about each one of these images.

  2. I did not expect this website to disappoint me, but it did. A Lenin portrait in those photos?! Really?! A man responsible for the deaths of numerous innocent people. How would you feel if it were a Hitler portrait instead? Well, guess what – Lenin was the same kind of monster and I find it horrible to see portraits of him and praises on the design acumen of the people who obviously worship his sick philosophy.

    • hi lolla,

      i honestly didn’t recognize lenin. i just thought it was an interesting portrait and i certainly meant no offense. i don’t think these people worship him – i think this is a piece of modern art, which is very subjective. i am very sorry to have disappointed you.


  3. I don’t know how I’d feel about having Lenin watch me sleep, haha! (In response to the other Lenin-noticer, whilst I agree that he wasn’t the nicest of guys, it’s hard to deny that he’s an important figure of the 20th century. It’s also a very lovely painting. While I personally doubt I’d have his picture in my home, there’s no accounting for what it means to the people who inhabit this space. In all truth, it may just be a case of liking the picture. I mean, I have some impossibly sexist 1950s Mills and Boon covers up in my home, but that doesn’t equate to my believing that I’d be worthless without a husband. I just like ’em ’cause they’re pretty.) And now back to my funny sleeping comment, which was all I really intended to say.

  4. I cannot believe they have a portrait of Lenin up. I lived in the Soviet Union and it was terrible. This man murdered millions. He caused tremendous suffering. It amazes me that anyone would have his portrait hanging up. He was an evil man.

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