good reads: est issue no. 7.
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the latest issue of online magazine est shares a graphic designer’s home in bordeaux, france. a self-confessed bargain hunter, the home is chock-filled with vintage treasures designer elodie discovered and has given new life to. modern and bright, and filled with re-purposed homewares, i love the whole space. i could have shared much more of this month’s issue of est, but you can subscribestill for free — and see the whole beautiful magazine yourselves (as well as view all 7 issues in the est archives).

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  1. Hi Victoria, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time (but it’s my first comment…) and it’s a real inspiration so I wanted to say Thanks ! I especially like the interiors you post, like this one. Lots of white, mix of vintage and modern design, well I love it :)

  2. Hi Victoria! I LOVE that iron bed in the 4th picture down (black/brown not white)! I was wondering where you found it? If it’s still for sale, I’d LOVE a link!! Thanks so much :)

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