oh, and happy, happy friday.
by victoria comment


i’m going to make believe i’m spending the weekend here. and, no — i’m sorry you cannot come. because, ummm, look at this place. it’s a beautiful, idyllic spot to be enjoyed as a duo, or solo, but no big groups allowed. i love you, but no. have a nice weekend. see you on monday.

• photo eco-architect Mickey Muennig, via need supply.

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  1. Looks like Big Sur…I love ‘Play Misty for Me’ because of the scenery and Clint’s house – so California cool…plus the soundtrack…have a great one – ;-))

  2. Breathtaking..wish I was there even for a glass of wine during sunset..
    So happy to read that you are sleeping so much better in your new house!
    Just decorated my tiny house( a tiny house in the garden)for Christmas..Come by my blog to see..
    love to hear from you!
    Have an amazing week!

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