a mighty makeover.
by victoria comment


• this post in partnership with go mighty + olay.

i’ve taken on a mighty challenge. but also a really fun one, and we plan on enlisting your help. the task at hand? to help Maggie mason, aka mighty girl reclaim her bedroom as her own. After divorce, the marital bedroom is often the last room to take back as yours, and it’s now after her own divorce, time for Maggie to do so for herself, as a gift to herself, for Valentine’s Day 2013. that’s where i come in. with help from olay, i’m going to help her make her bedroom dreams come true — we’re going to makeover her bedroom to be “the perfect place to be a girl”.

It’s time to make a comfortable bedroom that looks like it belongs to Miss Maggie and no one else — at least for the time being. she’d like a space to call her very own before a man whose opinion she cares about arrives to veto the idea of pink walls. So she added it to her Life List on Go Mighty:

“Make my bedroom the perfect place to be a girl.”

First on the list? Pale pink walls, but pink enough that you know they’re pink. None of that pansy half-assed pink she ended up with in her childhood bedroom. Nope, we’re going full out. The theme of this bedroom is “celebratory decay” and we’re going mix up vintage-modern inspired decor with some unexpected twists. Think Disco Ball meets Ann-Margret. Or something like that. We’ve been creating some mood boards to get this disco ball rolling (like the one up top). it may sound a little wild, but i think as it starts to come together you’ll see what we mean. this bedroom’s bound to be eclectic, just like miss maggie herself, but we’ll also be enlisting your opinions along the way, too — just in case we start going a bit too over the top (us? never!). Let’s crowd source this mighty makeover together and give maggie the girly room she so rightly deserves!

• photo credits: pink batgirl; lolita cover; ann-margret; pompom bedding; aging disco ball; rockett st. george wallpaper; mirrored staircase.

19 responses to “a mighty makeover.”

  1. I can’t wait to see what you two come up with. Check out Proposal from Benjamin Moore (slightly unfortunate name) for a pink that may fit your vision. It’s one of my faves.

  2. Victoria, I cannot wait. Thank you so much for your help and expertise. Doing this with you is making it so much less overwhelming. And I’m excited to hear everyone’s recs too!

  3. I love this! I just moved out of the apartment my ex boyfriend and I shared, so I’m also in the process of “reclaiming my girly space”. I love to pick colors that go with my skin tone; since it’s your room, it should look good on you! xo

  4. This is a fantastic project! First off- I love the image of the girl in costume on the table. Gorgeous image! And you go girl-Maggie.
    Ok- my idea: A Cotton Candy stuffed pillow or chair. Think clear heavy duty plastic or vinyl over the seat of an old fabulous chair filled to the brim with stuffing such as pink candy floss (as they call it in England,) or some fabulous pink stuffing.
    Or a glass-top desk with the top drawer full of pink belongings on display through the glass.. Treasures: Girls always keep secret treasures… My head is spinning!

  5. celebratory decay! thats the best theme for a room i’ve heard maybe ever. i am thinking you definitely need to have an old vanity dressing table because there is nothing more girly. and interesting garlands.. i am loving the mood board. especially the disco stairs…. i look fwd to seeing this !

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