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oh boy. i felt a bit of pressure on this post. why? well, today’s ‘art goes here’ is very close to home. victoria’s home to be exact! yep, you’re looking at victoria’s lovely new living room. she asked me to suggest some artsy options to go right here over her dwellstudio sofa:

and so i did! first up, an economical but beautiful way to handle this big space:

choose a fabric {or three!} from one of your favorite designers, and have it stretched over a frame. ba-bam! gorgeous, bold art! all of these stunning fabrics were designed by brooklyn based artist luli sanchez. i think her black and white patterns are gorgeous, but if you want a little hit of color, no problem – she’s got you covered!

ok, it’s not always easy to find one big piece {victoria’s dwellstudio sofa is 88″ long} to fill a wall like this – so hang two instead! i’ve written about canadian artist amanda happ√©¬†here before. it’s because i really want one of her paintings, so i’m projecting it onto victoria! and why not when they look like this:

i think these would be perfect, especially because i know that victoria loves a nice hit of pink – granted, i’m not sure how she feels about pigeons and cardboard boxes, but i’m hoping she likes them too!

now, if you can in fact find a long, lean piece that is similar to the length of the space, then go for it:

gasp! gorgeous!!! these are large scale oil pastel drawings on vellum, by cathy daley. i love them so, so, so much. victoria?

so, i’d usually stop with three suggestions, but once i got going i couldn’t stop! i found these, and just had to run it past you all:

paintings on salvaged wood by pascuala lira. i think either of these options would be amazing in here. i love the tension created by hanging that man and woman together on the same wall {what’s he so mad about!?}. which do you like best? shall we flip a coin?!

oh my gosh. ok, i loved that, and i sure hope victoria did too! hm, maybe all of you should start sending photos of your rooms that need art! i think, yes! ~ danielle {aka the jealous curator}


  1. Hey there…I love the Luli Sanchez fabrics, but if you read the FAQs on her website, she basically makes it impossible to obtain any of her pieces, so I’m not sure that her being included in this feature was helpful. I prefer recommendations I actually have a shot at obtaining if I like them.

    • Ugh. I guess some artists aren’t good at doing actual selling (although perhaps she gets so many private commissions that she doesn’t care about the potential other money she could make).

  2. I am so inspired by all of these selections, Danielle – thank you!!!

    And Amanda, I hear you, but sometimes it’s just great to be inspired by something without actually having to have it. These ideas can often lead you down some interesting alternative paths. :)

  3. Danielle, I love your choices! The Amanda Happe pieces are just amazing for original artwork you can live with – I want one. Love the idea of stretching fabric too – they’re all amazing. I want Victoria’s tufted black leather sofa, but Dwell Stuidios is a little out of my reach these days – one can always dream though:-)

  4. Good point Victoria, the Luli pieces are definitely inspiring…I was just hoping they were for sale & was disappointed to learn they really weren’t. Kuddos to her if she doesn’t really have to worry about selling. I enjoyed seeing how each of the different pieces transformed the space so uniquely.

    • i have some artist friends that don’t sell their work – for them i think it’s a personal statement, so perhaps the same is for her. but i do hope you get some inspiration. thanks amanda!

  5. as a curator i love this idea!
    i do it all the time to my friends and imagine which piece would look best in which rooms. for me the other paintings are abit too ‘ikea’ the best match would pascuala lira, making a contrast between modern black and white chic and the texture of the wood and bright colours.
    really enjoyed this!



  6. Dear Jealous Curator, you have outdone yourself this time and now I want to makeover all of my walls (or most of them)! It is so inspiring to know who lives in the space! I am looking forward to seeing what Victoria will actually do about her wall.

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