perfect places | imperfect people.
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i’ve long been a fan of online magazine llamas’ valley (and their motto — perfect places | imperfect people) and read it religiously when it launches online. and now llamas’ valley has just released the first interactive iPad edition of their beautiful magazine. You can see a small preview of it online at llamas’ valley And you can read the whole issue for free on your iPad. i’m one of the luddites without the luxury of an ipad (but many other computers) so i’ll keep reading online, but here’s a sneak peek from the llamas’ valley ipad edition featuring the studio of a famous Argentinian artist Carolina Antich now living and creating on the Giudeca island, in front of Venice, Italy. beautiful!

oh, and to see more of caroline antich’s artwork visit the jealous curator today – she’s got a post up on caroline today, too!

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  1. Just subscribed to this online, and I’m very excited-it’s gorgeous! thanks for sharing this, and enjoy your weekend Victoria!

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