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i’m calling this post — do it yourself, but better. if you follow along here often you know i’m not the best at diy projects. sure, i can paint a wall, or repurpose a piece of furniture. but actually make something? not so much. i’m just not that good at it. but this week i enlisted the assistance of my new marketing editor (everyone, meet jeannine – more about her fabulousness later) and we created more of a laugh-fest than any real diy instruction for you. but hey, it came out okay. i don’t need perfection and we had fun doing it (badly). so here you go.

i was inspired by anna at door sixteen’s awesome (and very well done) medicine cabinet. she is precise and patient. i am not. so follow anna’s instruction and ignore mine (or lack thereof). i picked up this ikea ÄTRAN medicine cabinet and the idea was to emulate (i.e. copy) anna’s cool swiss cross cabinet and add a painted swiss cross in gray. my bathroom has no existing built-in cabinet for the all-important make-up storage, so here is my attempt at creating one. i like it. it’s functional, and almost as cool as anna’s. not quite, but now i don’t have my personal arsenal of make-up hanging out for all to see. here’s the ‘after’ — the ‘before’ or ‘during’ would just make you laugh. so, instead of wasting your time with our inept instructions, i’ll just share a peek at the finished product, and my new bathroom (the best part of which may be that it is no longer pink & blue). diy, bb.

the bathroom was in good basic shape with a nice sink – but we painted over dark walls with sherwin williams emerald white (which has amazing hide if you are painting over a darker color). and added some new schoolhouse electric franklin cage fixtures. i added my trusty ikea fräck mirror which i’ve had forever and a vintage mirror i picked up at the flea market.

i added a vintage medical table which i also found at the flea market and have had forever. and some vintage glass and metal jars where i stash my cotton balls, q-tips and make-up brushes and tools of the trade. i also got some great charcoal gray bath towels at ross, dress for less. and yes, they were less.

i also added an ikea PS cabinet for additional storage, hung another vintage mirror (there seems to be a pattern here — i clearly like old mirrors) and a vintage wire locker basket to store bath towels. and lastly below, i added a few more flea market finds – vintage paintings and a photograph of a woman wearing a blue bathing suit. i wonder if she knows she’s hanging in my bathroom now. i doubt it, poor soul.

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  1. It looks so cute!! I want to see the “during” photos…and I bet I’m not the only one. ;)

    The “Ross, dress for less” line made me crack up and that started a coughing fit!

  2. At first I was confused because it looks exactly like mine ! Also inspired by the lovely Anna. Your bathroom looks great !

  3. Oh wow, everything turned out so well! The medicine cabinet looks great (you’re too modest) and I love that you added that Ikea locker cabinet! I’ve had my eye on it but couldn’t think of a purpose for it, so thanks!

  4. So lovely – you really really have a fab sense of style (this, we know!). Wish you were coming to Australia to do a ‘Victoria’s Home Rescue’ and could make my place… Victoriaed!

  5. Hey Victoria!
    BB is the French “texting” version of bébé (we’ve moved on from Brigitte Bardot), so I read, “Do It Yourself, Baby”, only to learn it meant “but better”…and got a big laugh out of that before going on to admire your handiwork and lovely bathroom, cross cabinet compris!
    Your new place is looking great-can’t wait to see more!

  6. I absolutely love the vintage medicine cabinet, metal jars and basket and antique mirror. Your DIY is perfectly “imperfect”! You have such great taste. I’ve been following your blog since your first apt. in San Francisco and it just keeps getting better all the time!

  7. hi victoria, rachel from method here (love your gray ocean plastic hand soap, BTW ;). you seem to find the best treasures at flea markets. what are your local favorites? we are buying a vacation property in the russian river, and i’d love to get some unique flea market pieces to mix in for a rustic modern feel. thanks!

    • hi rachel! the best flea market around is the alameda flea market on the first sunday of the month. also alemany every sunday is pretty good, but for smaller accessories, and you have to hunt a little more, but they are usually cheap! i think there’s a flea market in or near guernville, too. it’s in the safeway parking lot, i believe:

      happy hunting!!

  8. Does the Ikea PS metal locker survive the humidity of the bathroom, or will it rust? I love it, but I’m not sure I want to risk my locker..

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