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oh, things are starting to get cozy as we all snuggle in for the holidays, so when i found this room i knew it was the perfect place to put some art!

cozy is definitely the word for this first piece of art. and it doesn’t go on the wall – nope, it goes on the floor:

so lovely! this stunning piece is by netherlands based artist christien meindertsma. it is titled idaho, because she has taken wool {which is then felted, creating big, fat, beautiful yarn} from an organic flock of panama sheep who roam the grassy hills of lava lake ranch, idaho. each hexagon-shaped piece in the rug is made from the wool of one sheep in the flock. she uses a different knitting stitch for each piece/sheep,  so that when the whole rug is sewn together, every sheep in the flock is visually represented. amazing? yes – on so many levels.


ah, the gorgeous text-based sculptures of american artist doug aitken. i love how ‘west’ looks in this room, but i’d be pretty happy with a mirrored, diamondi-ie ‘now’ as well!

and how about this view:

photographs, beautifully manipulated, by british artist helen sear. these are from a series titled inside the view, in which the landscape and the portrait are taken at different times, at different locations and then superimposed over each other. through a technique {that I don’t even pretend to understand} she hand-draws/digitally erases parts of the image, revealing the other underneath. – and perfect for this cozy room!

i hope you all have a wonderful, safe, cozy holiday season with your family, and i’ll see you back here in 2013 ~ danielle {aka the jealous curator}


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