oh, and happy, happy holidays.
by victoria comment


it’s that time of year where i take some time off from the blog, try real hard to stay off the internet (wish me luck) and refresh the creative side of my brain, spending time with friends, family and my mutt miss lucy. it’s been such a busy, bustling year and one that seemed to fly by in a flurry. how is it the holiday season already? it’s been a crazy year, too — with moving and resettling all over again, but i’m excited to share more of my new home with you in the new year. oh and today is supposed to be the end of the world, so you may or may not be reading this.

it’s also been a rough couple of weeks for the country and particularly the families in connecticut and i find myself thinking of them more often than not. these thoughts turn to my gratitude and my appreciation for all that i have and what i am lucky enough to do for a living. i get to share beautiful, sometimes silly and hopefully inspiring things with you each and every day and i can’t tell you how fulfilled and happy that makes me. i am so thankful for your company and your kind comments — it really does feel like we’re hanging out together a great deal of the time, whether it’s here, or over on twitter where i can be more chatty than probably does me good (thanks for following, anyway).

i wish for you all a very happy holiday season and hopefully a relaxing one, too. i think we could all use a bit of a rest from the constant chatter of the internet and the ring of cell phones and the buzz of texts. i hope you read good books, lazily peruse your favorite magazines, see great films and eat fabulous food. spend time with your favorite people and do wonderfully zany, spontaneous things. let’s all have some fun, shall we? happiest of holidays and happy new year everyone! i’ll see you back here in 2013.

this pinboard in particular was motivated by, yes you guessed it — winter white. images: vw, circa 1969; lace, by sohimmelblau; snowy road, via wit + delight; bedding, via follow studio; white glasses, via Kirsten Micolli for Ben Trovato; verena stella ceramics; layla headphones from nasty gal; white geraniums via carnets parisieans; knit chair by hans sapperlot; alpaca print by sg print shoppe; stools, via bodie and fou; paper pompoms, via annaleenas hem.

16 responses to “oh, and happy, happy holidays.”

  1. Happy Holidays, Victoria! Thank you for giving us so much awesomeness. SFGirlbyBay is one of the very few blogs that I read EVERY SINGLE POST from. That’s right. ALL of them. :) I hope you have a nice, relaxing break and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013. xoxo

  2. Two consecutive posts of the most GORGEOUS images …. what a great gift from you to us! You make our lives more beautiful and thoughtful with your posts. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Miss Lucy and the rest of your family and friends.

  3. All the best to you, Victoria… It’s been another great year with our favourite SF Girl (next to Lucy, of course)! Don’t ever stop!

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