happy year no. 2013.
by victoria comment


we’re almost back to business here as usual, but i’m still gathering creative steam for 2013 and it’s a short work week, so i’ll really and truly be back on monday, january 7th. but i wanted to pop in and say i hope you had a lovely holiday. from SFO to LAX — i spent some good times with family down in los angeles and then came back home to roam fort funston with lucy and eat and drink too much with friends. and, along the way i took a lot of photographs which makes me endlessly happy (these were edited in the After Glow App).

i have lots of good intentions for the new year — i do hope i can honor them. how about you? do you want to share with us what your plans for the new year are? i’m always interested in hearing your plots for beginning a new year — therein usually lies something that inspires me and the readers in a way we hadn’t thought of. i’d also love to hear what you’d like to see more (or less) of here moving forward in the new year. so, please — do tell! here’s to 2013! see you on monday…

• all photos by sfgirlbybay.

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    • I love your pictures too! Do you use Diana /Lomography Camera ?
      By the way I wish to you (and to all of your readers) a fantastic new year !!
      Be happy :)

  1. These images are fabulous! YOu should sell the one with the 2 chairs on the beach – It’s super!
    Happy new year.

  2. I wish I lived in these pictures today, it is so cold on the East Coast!! Happy New Year!!

    I’m trying to take control of things in my life and really focus on what I want myself. Giving off confidence & growing as a person are my big mottos!! =)

    Best wishes in the new year!

    Ergo – Blog

  3. Your pictures make me want to go vacationing some where, away from this cold and snow on the east coast. For this upcoming year, I think I’m just looking forward to pursuing some of my passions. I’m a psychologist so I spent many years jumping hoops to try to fulfill requirements, and it was not always fun. So this year, I’ll try to focus on doing more of what I enjoy, and that which inspires me.

  4. I have spent the last year trying to say “Yes” more often…so that is going to continue in the new year. Saying YES has brought so many new adventures to my life, and even if they don’t work out…they still work out. Ya know?

    Say YES…READ…and LESS STUFF, MORE DOING…that’s what I’m going for this year.

    Happy new year everyone!

  5. Victoria, these photos are seriously beautiful, especially love those chairs on the beach! I downloaded the after glow app a while back but am stuck in a rut with vscocam at the mo, will have to try it out some more!
    2013 for me hold lots more studying and the end of my design course, and then hopefully some more travelling! Happy new year!

  6. In 2013 I want to:

    Learn Mandarin
    Work towards making my sewing business a source of full time income for our family
    Pay more attention and show more love to my friends and siblings

  7. i have been reading your blog since 2007 and this is my first ever comment…..i found my way here when i was decorating our first home in Ireland and have been lurking ever since. we have since relocated from Ireland to Boston and i have followed you through it all, this space has seen me through some times and is always top of my list of inspiring spaces to cheer me up or fill an hour or two or even three. this year i have decided to stop lurking around my favourite blogs and say hi…so hi Victoria and thank you for your wonderful blog .

  8. Amazing photos of LA, my home town.. You even managed to make LAX look beautiful!
    After Glow app is cool or hot, as the case may be.

  9. this year I would like to start enjoying the present and stop thinking about when this or that is done then I can relax or be happy and after this over then I can…..because I have tendancy to live either in the past or the future I want to take advantage of all the nice things happening today and slow down and actually have the cup of tea instead of thinking I’ll just finish this and have a cup of tea. Mmmm, now that is good tea!

  10. A friend of mine sent me an article about the idea of creating a “theme” for the new year, whether or not one is a formal resolution-maker. Along the line of Christina’s “saying yes” idea.

    So my theme for 2013 is “The Year of Meeting the Real Challenges.” In other words, it’s time for me to stop just tweaking little lifestyle things and tackle the big scary issues/gaps in my life. And to treat myself gently and compassionately in between!

  11. Fabulous holiday photos Victoria!
    At Est Magazine, we are thinking about intentions over resolutions, and reflecting on what an amazing year we had covering so many wonderful traces, spaces and places. Here’s cheers to 2013!

  12. These photos are lovely. All the blue skies and warm colours are making me look forward to spring- it is still rather grey in the UK! If I had an I phone I’d be downloading that app right away!

  13. Well, Victoria, since you are obviously not going to move into my rental house in Arkansas and do it up for me (I did offer)……. I guess that will have to be my project for the year. I just about have the exterior paint colors nailed down, I found a wonderful warm white for the interior as all but two rooms tend to be dark. The big deal will be trying to match flooring for the bedrooms to hardwood already in place elsewhere. We all know the routine- brain bending but fun.

  14. Ahh.. this seriously has me checking flights to LA!

    My goals are to get serious serious about my business and staking a niche rather making just good $$ freelancing. ( this is a tough addiction to break!)

    Oh yeah, and sell some of my Intention Reminder apps. Blogging and trying to build a platform for it has been daunting but I need to stick with it. http://bit.ly/TBltNv

  15. What sunny snaps!

    I’m wanting to actually do what I want to do this year… when I finally finish uni, I’m going to follow my heart!… and travel finally! You’re only young once!

  16. Thank you for sharing!! Love finding new photo apps especially since most seem to have the same filters. Have fallen in love w/ afterglow!

  17. Those pictures make me want to hop on a plane to sunny CA and escape!! Victoria, your posts always inspire ! I love a fresh new year and a fresh new start. This year, I have resolved 3 things, pick up more delicious books to devour, have more dinner parties with our lovely friends, and master a perfect pizza crust.

  18. all of these photos are so original! i’ve been to SF countless times and i’ve never viewed it like this. ill never look at it the same way

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