a pinboard in particular: getting warmer.
by victoria comment


this my latest pinboard in particular — i have a fondness for beautiful fireplace mantels, and i’ve been collecting favorite images of them. i miss having a fireplace, so pinning mantels is sort of the next best thing – not nearly as warm as a real one, though. here’s my getting warmer pinboard. hope it makes you feel nice and toasty.

jakob nylund, via my scandinavian retreat.

apartment therapy.


light locations; design*sponge; and joseph dirand architecture.

apartment therapy.

the society inc.

• top image by brask-leonhardt via llamas’ valley.

6 responses to “a pinboard in particular: getting warmer.”

  1. A fireplace has always been a dream of mine. Alas, they are rather uncommon here. I love them as they are but also love the mantle for little, changing vignettes.

  2. I’m studying these pictures and all of them are your apt. basically minus the first photo. You said you thought your new pad needed color. I like the subtlety of color in all of these. The colors kind of speak softly and are barely there but are nice.

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