dear bloomingville, please come to america.
by victoria comment


i’m very envious of those of you living in europe right now. i kept seeing pins of these beautiful products and tracked them to down to a company called bloomingville in denmark. success! and then i discovered, alas, they are primarily distributed throughout european cities and i’ve yet to find many stateside shops carrying bloomingville’s goods — but i did have some luck and found a few of their very lovely home goods and accessories carried at lifestyle attic. nevertheless, their beautiful lookbook catalogs are well-worth perusing for the styling inspiration alone. perhaps, if we ask very nicely, bloomingville will come to america. pretty please.

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  1. Beautiful clean design – I am hoping to go to Denmark and Sweden in May this year and will be on the lookout for shops that carry their line!

  2. Usually it’s the other way around, where europeans don’t have access to American (online) shops. Happy you shared this though, those are some pretty pictures. Going to take a look at the site now.


  3. Hi all you wonderful girls in America.
    I am very happy to hear that you like our collection. We have just started to export to Canada – but we still do not have customers in the States yet. We would be happy to supply goods to America, so let your local store know that you want Bloomingville and they can order our products.
    Kind regards
    Betina Stampe, Bloomingville, Denmark. – and follow me at Pinterest :-)

  4. Thats so funny Victoria. Normally I need ‘stuff’ that they won’t ship from the US to the UK. I bought a fabulous midcentury dolls house from NY for my daughter and had to jump through hoops to get that shipped here, and the customs charges…….. Yikes, someone needs to do something about that!

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