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i know, i know. i always, since the dawn of blog time (i.e. 2006) have said, ‘oh, and happy, happy friday’. and i tried to switch it up once and there was a rebellion of unheard-of proportions. but you must know by now that of course i wish you a happy friday, so i feel it’s just a tad redundant. maybe, instead i can leave you with a few parting and useful thoughts each weekend, or at the very least share what i’m thinking about, how the week’s comments gave me insight, or just share a good book with you. so, from here on out (until i change my mind again), here are my thoughts for a friday. and, oh, happy, happy friday — just for old time’s sake.

• first off — i shared my new cottage space with you this week and while a lot of you liked it (thank you!) many of you thought it could use a pop of color and personality and i tend to agree. so i’m working on those ideas. one idea you inspired was to make another blow-up print to live side by side with the rose garden. i love this very personal one by andy warhol of dominique de menil i saw in this month’s lonny magazine. i thought perhaps i could achieve a similar one with a photograph taken with after glow, my new favorite photography app.

• i also found this great wool crewelwork pillow at anthropologie that i went ahead and ordered. it’s a trey speegle paint by numbers of cabbage roses, which i thought added color, and picked up on the rose motif i have going on in the print above the sofa, but without being too precious. we’ll see how well it works!

• i still want to make these dip-dyed wooden spoons. i realize they’ve been around, but i’m slow with the diy. i need to work up steam to take on these projects.

• i think you will love this bookbeautiful ruins by jesse walter. a little bit 1962 hollywood meets the italian rivera. a gorgeous read with a lot of sentimentality but not in a cheesy way. obviously, i lack skills in book reviewing, but i loved every page of it.

and lastly, but possibly very importantly — i am always looking for submissions for home tours. so if you have a home you think would be a great fit for the blog, please do send it my way, or even better submit it to this flickr group i’ve set up.

have a great weekend. love, v.

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  1. I just downloaded After Glow and already know I’m going to be spending a lot of time playing around with it. I will have to look into that book, too.

  2. I could have sworn (if memory serves me correct)- that Happy Happy Friday received a lot of boo-ha-ha’s and we talked you into not listening to those peeps! I still miss ‘Separated at Birth’. Those were Brilliant. I like the pillow a lot. And the colored ceiling is yumm. Great way to add color me thinks.

  3. Read “Beautiful Ruins” after picking it up from a favorite bookstore in Stinson Beach – I have a photo of the Cinque Terre I took last May identical to the one on the cover of the book and couldn’t resist – good thing the book is as wonderful to read as it is to look at!
    As much as I would miss “oh, and happy friday” I do like this weekly recap of sorts:)

  4. I just visited the Menil Collection last week and saw those Warhols in person. I had no idea the museum and the Menil home were just featured in Lonny!

  5. Love what you said about working up steam for diy projects. I’m the same way, and I like to think it’s because I’m being judicious with my time and resources. To jump on every diy trend as it comes out just in order to be first seems like a recipe for being stressed out, not happily surrounded by beautiful things one truly loves… Also, I think you sell your book recommendation skills short, because you totally made me want to read Beautiful Ruins! Happy Friday, xo

  6. I see you’re looking for beautiful home tours but how about a store tour? Meadowsweet Mercantile curates vintage keepsakes and USA made utilitarian goods. Our shop is changes daily! Inside you can find adorable little nooks and repurposed furniture, bottles, chains, and tons of odds and ends. I think it would fit splendidly on your blog. Cheers! I hope to hear soon. and a very happy, happy Friday to you as well.

  7. So glad you mentioned that book. I just remembered I downloaded the audio book during my “running phase” last fall and never listened to it. Now am are really excited to start it.
    P.S. Your new home is perfection! xoxo

    • it’s really good. i wonder who reads it?

      and thanks, alicia! your poolside print is hanging happily in my bathroom with some other ‘beachy’ kinds of prints. :) xo

  8. Oh I was so close to buying Beautiful Ruins and then switched to another book, now I wish I had. I thought it sounded good. I’ll have to put in on my “To Read” list. Oh and Happy Friday!

  9. Hi Victoria, saw you on Houzz, love your site! Hey I know you were interested in the pillows etc perhaps more than the furniture, but on your site, you show a bent wood three point side table (“A” letter picture on the wall behind it). Do you know who makes it/what it is called? It is perfect for what I am looking for and cannot find anything like it on the modern sites I have checked. Thanks

    • Hi Anne,

      I’m not sure which image you are referring to. Houzz picks up images from all kinds of blogs, so if you could send me the link to the page, I may be able to identify it. Thanks!

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