living things.
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i still feel like my home looks bare. i need color, and i think some pretty living things. i’ve brought a few plants in — a fiddle leaf fig, and some succulents. still, it needs more. here’s some plant life i really like. not too much, but just enough.


kinfolk home by woodnote photography (above and below).



at swim two birds.


olga bennett for peppermint magazine, via stampel.


a paper aeroplane.




angs school.


• top image matsuki kousuke via satsuki shibuya.

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  1. I’m so with you! I have two little plants, rosemary and basil, in leftover planters. I’m starting to feel the need to grow and connect to living things. Maybe the natural push towards the end of winter and beginning of Spring?

  2. I have to be surrounded by green and living at home or else I feel like I am suffocating (#drama)… and after the holidays I seem to crave all things pretty, feminine, and fresh – hyacinths, jasmine, roses, and orange blossom!

  3. Yes, more plants please! House plants bring me such happiness, especially in the winter. I am learning to keep them alive, as it does not seem to be my forte (outdoor gardens – no problem). Thank you for gathering all these lovely, inspiring photos.

  4. Very beautiful! The mix of those freestanding plants, the harmonious combos…a breath of fresh air in winter and arranged in a ‘free’ way, nothing looks forced (if you know what I lmean). I also love your pictures, especially the first one!

  5. Oh, I love this post! Surrounding yourself with plants is so important! I hope you’ll show us when you’ve added some to your home x

  6. Victoria- I love the idea of cutting a nicely shaped small limb from a tree and popping it into a tall dramatic vase. It lasts a week with zero care. Or a big bush, anything green. As usual beautiful post- that rubber plant reminds me of an old rubber plant that my mom had for years!

  7. Beautiful! One inspiring place for greenery and amazing gifts is in the East Bay – Flowerland Nursery on Solano in Albany.

    • ashley – i can’t remember the name of the spot, but it’s inside the flower mart and it’s the second shop on your left when you drive in. there’s a very nice woman that runs it and she usually has a few fig trees out front.

  8. Hi there!

    I love these succulent ideas. I am looking for the original source of that succulent arrangment in the rusty cake tin. You’ve put down a link, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Can you help me out?

  9. Hello. I see so many plant posts with the plants on top of or very near radiators. Can you address that. I assume the plants are moved near the heat source after winter, but my challenge is what to put near radiators year round. I don’t have space to move them around all the time and my sun is right where my radiators are. Do some plants tolerate the heat and others not? Thanks a bunch!

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