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meet — a new green living shopping site that features non-toxic cleaners, scent-free laundry detergent, recycled accessories, clothing, home decor and even organic edibles all under one internet roof. to celebrate green living vine is giving away $150 gift certificate to a sfgirlbybay reader to purchase anything from the site you like. they’re also offering a 20% off reader discount on your first Vine order by entering the code: SFGIRL20 (Expires 1/31/2013).

to enter to win the $150 gift certificate from, simply:

*sorry entries are now closed.

• visit and let us know what your favorite green product is.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• enter by thursday, january 24th, midnight pst.

• we’ll announce a winner on my twitter account by friday the 25th, so be sure and follow me on twitter.

• sorry, but this time the giveaway applies to u.s. residents, only.

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  1. Love the new I already use so many of their products and look forward to trying some new ones. Big fan of Method, Burt’s Bees and Mrs. Meyers. Living in rural Alabama, offers few choices. Happy to discover Thanks.

  2. I have been in love with all the Method products for some time now, and happy to see all of Vine’s amazing products! The Runrunrun Italia Shopper bag is so adorable!

    Twitter account @tinacrespo


  3. love a bunch of their kitchen stuff, and the preserve food storage set looks perfect since i commute to grad school via bike, it would be great to have lighter (and greener) tupperware to store my lunch and snack goodies….

  4. This site looks awesome! I think I’ll be visiting it quite often in the future. I really like the looks of the Natural Home Products Saucepan set. I already use a lot of Method and Ms. Meyers products so I’m sure I’d be buying some of that as well!

    twitter: @amandadarr

  5. Definitely a fan of all Method and Burt’s Bees products. Would also love a Bobble water bottle.. about to transfer to a new office where all I’ll have access to is the water fountain. Great giveaway!

  6. I love love love that cruelty-free is an option you can search by! How awesome is that!? I would like to try some of the Earth Science brand face moisturizers!

  7. Wow! What a cool shop. I don’t even know where to start. I use Method and Burt’s Bees products all the time, but I can definitely use some new yoga pants.

  8. Ooooh such a great site! I love all the candles they have on there as I am really a terrible candle junkie. I figure having the place smell clean is a huge move toward it actually being clean, right?

    Thanks for the giveaway! My twitter is @KateMetcalf


  9. Fave green product is Method Tub-n-Tile Bathroom Spray Cleaner. This stuff really works, but it’s not toxic or harsh. Yay for Vine!

  10. Wow- they have such a great selection. Aveeno Baby Eczema Treatment, just cause it’s already on my list today!

  11. I would love to get new bamboo spoons for cooking and a few faceted hermetic bottles for picnics. What a great giveaway!

  12. I am totally gonna start shopping on here–so great! I really want to try the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Daily Body Care Kit & check out their yoga wear! xo

  13. I love all of it. I’m such a sucker for this kind of stuff. It makes me feel healthy! But if I have to chooser, all things Meyers.

  14. I’m so happy is here! Specifically for beauty products like the Pangea Organics line – I love that I can easily find natural beauty products here that don’t include petrochemicals – JOY!

  15. I love the Method Almond Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner. Cleans up my wood floors so well and I love how it smells!

  16. I love this site! The Vivaz Apple, Object, Recycled Aluminum would be awesome to add to my silver/mercury glass things collection!

  17. Burts Bees lip balm has always been and will always be a staple in my purse, such a great product! Also love the method products and their design.

  18. I cannot live without my Burt’s Bees Lip Balms. BUT I just saw that they sell Octavia Teas! Octavia is my favorite and I can’t wait to order some Raspberry Champagne White Loose Leaf!

  19. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the Yala silk fleece throw. I have been looking for a cute thrown with the recent lower temperatures in SF :)

    The best way to reach me is by Twitter @Kaduka

  20. LOVE! Hmmm if i had to choose… I could really use some new yoga shorts and supplies for my pets. And of course I’m a sucker for the entire Burt’s Bees line. :)


  21. What an amazing array of products! If I were lucky enough to win, I’d love to try out some of the Beyond Yoga gear, especially the Gathered Long Legging. I love that it’s made in the USA from recycled materials. Thanks Victoria and for the opportunity!

  22. I love all Method products, especially the cucumber all-purpose spray. Smells so good!

    (twitter: @erinmccoySEA)

  23. Mrs. Myers Lemon Verbena laundry detergent! My local Target (36 miles away) only carries the Lavender (which i’m mildly allergic too). Happy to have the website! Is now bookmarked for my next cleaning product purchases!

  24. I love all of the method products, as well as the Inhabit Madera Cotton Sheets & Case Set!

    twitter: @meganmariabain

  25. All Meyer and Method products…especially the Method all purpose glass and surface cleaner. It’s my favorite! I always have a bottle (or two) in the house.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway! If I’m lucky enough to win, tweet me @samantharsolis

  26. i love all method products – the new orla kiely line is adorable. of course burt’s bee is a staple in my life.

  27. Love all the Mrs Meyers cleaning products and the Caldera products have the most wonderful scents. Vine looks like they have some of the harder to find ones.

  28. Bobbles are the best things that man has created! They come in so many cute colors and save you so much money ( not to mention that you can cut out plastic water bottles out of your life forever!) AMAZING! Go buy one now haha!

  29. Ergobaby Organic Baby Carrier – Black/Black is my favorite item. Would love to get this to carry my baby boy around!

  30. I’ve used for a while and am so happy to have as a new go-to destination for greener shopping – the brands I’ve always preferred anyway! I’m eager to try the Weleda face lotion after seeing it on a similar partnership feature on Cup of Jo. I am also fiercely loyal to Burt’s Bees!

  31. I love Burt’s Bees products! All of them! & Seventh Generation!! Curious about all the other great products!!

  32. Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena all purpose cleaner is my very favorite. There’s very little I can’t do with that stuff! I also used to love the Method “fresh cut grass” scent which has been discontinued. Would love to see a nice alternative. Cucumber scent is close, and I like that, but the grass one was dead-on for open window freshness, even in the middle of winter.


  33. My son LOVES the “Rainbow Light Gummy Power Sours Multivitamin Gummies.” $150 could buy us an awful lot of vitamins. :)

  34. I love all things organic and natural. I truly love the Mrs. Meyers products. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  35. I love the Ecover products, particularly the stain remover. My 2 year old get a lot of stains on his clothing! Thanks!

  36. My favorite green products are those of pets’. I’ve been buying my dog’s food (By Nature) from, and they deliver in 2 days!

  37. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amici bottles and everything green! This would be a great birthday win for me…the drawing closes on my Bday!

  38. I love method products and have been using them for some time now. I would love to try some of the other products listed on here as well.

  39. Wow, too much to choose from. The BlueAvacado reusable lunch bags look really useful. Getting rid of plastic baggies would be great.

  40. I love the Ella’s Kitchen baby food… for my baby! I also love all the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products!

  41. Weledaaaaaaaa! (Only if you could hear my lovely voice ;) ) love their products for my little one. Plan toys, and wonderworld for toys. Method for laundry. California baby for bath…i love environmentally friendly products and vine makes it so easy!

  42. I love all the Meyer’s products (the soap smells amazing!) and kettle chips for a crunchy, somewhat healthier snack ;) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  43. My favorite part of has to be the Babies & Kids section. This is great because I am a new mom and I really want to make sure my child grows up with chemical free products. My favorite product is Earth’s Best Diapers. I am having a hard time finding them at local stores but with I can order them for a good price. They are the best diapers in my opinion for my sensitive little cutie pie baby girl.

  44. I am new to the green product world. Recently I purchased from Vine the Seventh Generation – Earth Bundle for only $16.25 – YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT! It is a great introduction to the green product world.

  45. I love the Method dish soap!! I am actually transforming my whole house to use Organic Products so this would be a great win for me!

    Thank you! @iselaespana on twitter!

  46. I don’t leave the house w/o Burt’s Bees cuticle balm! I use the bags the newspapers come in as doggy pick up bags, all dog walkers should do this. Too bad the bags aren’t biodegradable though…

  47. There’s so much to choose from so i’ll just pick at random – I love all of Burt’s Bees stuff.

  48. A few of my favorites are Burt’s Bees, Full Circle and Method. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  49. So many wonderful things I already use in one place – I love Meyers cleaning products but would have to splurge on some new candles!

  50. I love all of the great yoga and activewear! is great, and has SO many wonderful products. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. I love Method products, and all of the green baby and kid products. (I especially love the fact that you can buy local online and have it shipped within 2 days!) Great Site!

  52. Thanks for the great giveaway! The best products are definitely all the Burt’s Bees products!

    Twitter: @Tang_Joy

  53. Hmm, what is my favorite? That is so hard to decide! I will go with the Method line… I am ALWAYS eyeing it at Target and I have loved the things I’ve tried!

  54. Wow, so much great stuff it’s hard to know where to begin! I’d have to say the Shirahleah recycled aluminum round leaf bowl. It’s beautiful, and not something I’d normally get for myself.

  55. Checked out and they carry my favorite brand Ecover. I really like their dishwasher tablets. Of course, I lover Mrs Myers liquid soaps too.

  56. wow they have so many things I want. I really like the Natural Home Products 1 gallon Ceramic compost bin.

    My twitter is @Sleepyheadedmom
    and my email is Sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

  57. I absolutely love all of the face products from dr. hauschka – they make my skin feel great and I love that the line is totally natural!

  58. Brilliant site! I love Burt’s bee lip pencils and Mrs. Meyers basil products, and all of the wonderful yoga gear.LOVE IT ALL!!!

    I like the Clean Day Laundry Detergent in Rosemary, ditto the Dryer Sheets, and the Liquid Hand soap in Parsley is the best!

    Thank you, Victoria.

  60. Burt’s Bees products rock. I love their stuff and my daughters are addicted now too. Also love the cupcake shopping tote– why have fun and be green?

  61. I love, love, LOVE any of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products in the lavender scent. (Sighhhhhh) It brings back such good memories for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. I like sooo many of their products – Seventh Generation, Mrs Meyers, Taste of the Wild dog food and more!

  63. I love! We are trying to switch all our products over to natural alternatives, and Mrs. Meyer’s and Dr. Bronners are some of my favorites.

  64. Love Method, its our favorite for cleaning and dish soap! Mrs Meyers has great hand soaps!

    @etveter – twitter

  65. 7th generation and Burts Bees are the best.

    I’m cleaning all of the time and 7th generation makes me feel safe. The products are so pure, I feel like it’s made of mountain water and rainbows! It’s absolutely great. I also live in Colorado, where it’s dry and cold during Winter seasons. My life depends on Burts Bees lip products!

    my email is cngialah at gmail dot com.

  66. How to does one ever decide on just one…. is so eco-lovely, but if I had to choose just one, I’m going to go with the red flower jasmine rose rhassoul clay!! there it is!!

  67. What a wonderful website! Dr. Bronner’s is by far my favorite green product! So many uses! And you can’t beat the tingly clean of the peppermint soap! Thanks!

  68. My dog has severe food allergies and the Wellness dog food brand is simply the best. I love that they have limited ingredients and a guarantee on all of their products. My dog gobbles up the stuff and it makes her hair soooooo soft. Now that I’ve discovered sells my pooches food I will definitely buy it from them plus all my other favorite organic and natural products. Love it!

  69. I absolutely love this giveaway. and i love pretty much EVERYTHING from but i have to say i absolutely love mrs. meyers cleaning products! i am moving into a new space in february and could definitely use all of the delicious smelling cleaning products to make my brand new home sparkly and clean!

  70. Ahh so many great products its hard to choose!! Definitely interested in trying Terracycle Liquid Plant food…Eco-Me Cat Clean Spray and Manduka Yoga Blocks! Fingers crossed! What a great giveaway!

  71. A site filled with all of my favorite products is going to be mighty hard to resist – and especially those Root grapefruit candles. Can’t wait to put that 20% code to work!

  72. I’m a huge fan of the Ecover stain remover with the scrub brush on top…works SO well for all of those tough toddler stains! It’s the only thing that actually get them out and I don’t feel scared to use it on my child’s clothes because it has no gross chemicals. Love as well, it’s great to have a one stop shop for natural, eco-friendly products.

  73. I love, so many great products! Currently, I’ve been looking for a new cutting board and their J.K. Adams Artisan cutting board is so beautiful. The paddle shape makes it perfect for serving too. Thank you!

  74. I love Mrs. Meyer’s clean day all purpose cleaner in lavender! Smells nice and isn’t harsh at all!


  75. too much to choose from, i LOVE — so great you partnered together!
    i love the natural home products pots and pans :)

  76. I loooove the West Paw design dog beds, Annie’s Homegrown snacks and pasta, and Mrs. Meyers of course!! Though I’m already living green, as a full-time college student, it’s not always the cheapest option out there and hard to stick to a green regimen at times. Hoping to win some of this awesome product!! Such a fan, following on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and your blog <3

  77. So hard to pick, but I love Mrs. Meyers basil scented EVERYTHING! Happy to be introduced to this site!

  78. Oh man, so much great stuff! But my favorite would have to be the Blue Avocado Reusable Grocery Bags in the Plum + Doodle print.
    twitter = alittlenerve

  79. I love the MyChelle Clean Skin Cleanser & Burt’s Bee’s Toner! My skin has never felt this good. Thank goodness for green products 🌿💚

  80. My partner and I just bought a house, so I’m obsessing over home decor. I love Vine’s selection of energy-efficient lighting, especially the Inhabit Urban Reclaimed Bottle Pendant Light! A pair of two would look so great in our new kitchen. :)

  81. I love anything Burts Bees, I have been using their products for years. Definitely worth paying a little extra for.

  82. I love several of the products, but I’m addicted to Dr Bronner’s Castile bar soap. I’d love to try several of the scents that aren’t available locally. My twitter is @elbow17green.

  83. I like to use Dr Meyers Laundry soap mainly for the scent. MyChelle & Dr. Hauscha make great face care products too. There are a lot of NEW products to try on this site which excites me! Especially those in ‘Home’ It would be such a blessing to win!

  84. I’ve only recently decided to stop using products with sulfates and parabens, so I’m excited to try the Tammy Fender Travel Kit for Oily/Acne Skin. It will give me a chance to try out a brand I’m curious about.

  85. dr hauschka products – I love their entire basic facial care line. Creamy cleanser, clarifying toner, moisturizing lotion. LOVE!

  86. I just moved into a new place and have fallen head over heals with the housewarming items! the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac is perfect for my fiancee. the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap is divine and this giveway would be a wonderful Housewarming/Wedding gift from!!
    my twitter: @bevwho

  87. I’m loving
    Their household and beauty sections have especially caught my eye. Eating whole is pretty easy once you’re in the groove but what we put on our skin and hair and what is in our environment can be so toxic. I usually have to go to several different stores to get the cleaning products that I need, and it is amazing to find them all in one place. Plus, my eyes have been opened to various new products to try!
    I am especially excited to try Vaska laundry detergent

  88. I love that vine carries my favorite cleaning products (mrs meyers!) and it also has yoga gear too. What a neat site – thanks for the introduction to

  89. Would love to stock up on some stainless steel food containers…and try out some Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies that everyone raves about but I’ve always been too cheap to dish out the cash for….

  90. Love, Love, Love Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Soap! Special treat to myself to use this soap.

  91. Wow this is a treasure alone! I use a lot of these products already, Method is great soap and cleaning supplies. I’m sure I’ll be browsing this site for awhile!

  92. The Yes to Carrots Moisture Day Cream! It’s the only moisturizer that can keep my skin hydrated the whole day. I love all of their products!

  93. Adore Yes to Carrots moisturizer w/ SPF. But also can’t get enough of Annie’s organic mac and cheese! Contact me at twitter acct @MsDesireeAnne if I win. Thanks :)

  94. This site is amazing – I love everything – Ive clicked through and seriously digg all the products and would love to win. I would stokc up on burts bees and buy a yoga top!

  95. Ohh I don’t even need to look. . . . I love the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day candle. Sooo lovely. I clean nearly everything in my house with Mrs Meyers. I know, I should use vinegar and baking soda and peroxide. . . and I do. But nothing beats the smell from a Mrs Meyers clean.


  96. love! so many things I’d love to stock up on, including method soap and the lovely stanley ecycle mug (to replace my gross, old travel mug).

  97. Gosh, $150 towards would be amazing!! I LOVE the Dr. Bronner’s soaps- I use them for just about everything!

  98. Loooove Gaia herbs elderberry syrup. Especially this time of they year when the cold and flu buggies are about. It’s delicious too, so kind of a painless way to boost the immune system. :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  99. I love the Mrs. Meyers soap in the honeysuckle scent. And I saw some reusable produce bags–I’ve been meaning to figure out something so I don’t have to use plastic bags to get my fruit home. Those would be great.

  100. What a cool site! I would definitely stock up on the vanilla organix shampoo & conditioner, I stopped being able to find it & it makes my hair smell like cookies! Thank youuuu

    twitter @tambourinetrees

  101. Alba Botanica products are excellent, but specifically the Hawaiian Moisturizing Body Cream in Kukui Nut is hands down the best winter dry skin cure. Not to mention its somewhat locally made right by SF, in Petaluma ; )

  102. I love Weleda products– they actually work! Although I don’t love the scent of Skin Food, it really does seem to heal my terribly dry skin. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    twitter: @Grimlock710

  103. i love this “Core Bamboo Prep Station w/ Measurement Bowls” [] – it would totally help me maximize my minimal counter space.

    twitter: paleonpale

  104. I’ve always like method products. And I’m really liking stevia!

    Right now my family is trying to eat a whole lot healthier so this would be awesome to win! I would buy gluten- free baking ingredients.

  105. My favorite item is the Brita Ultramax Water Filtration dispenser. During a visit at a friend’s house I saw it action, and it’s been on the top shelf of my refrigerator ever since.

  106. Will purchase Harry Barker Bamboo Dog Bowl. Just this morning I read something about stainless steel dog food bowls being contaminated. It never ends. I am so glad I found Vine website via sfgirl. I shop at our local coop, grow our own vegetables, but this site will give me an opportunity to get the res tof the good stuff.
    Thank you.

  107. I’m so excited about! The site has many of my go-to favorite products. I was surprised to see that they carry the entire Alba Botanica line, including my winter favorite, Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion