separated at birth.
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it’s been a very long while since i’ve posted a separated at birth, but i’ve had several hints that they’ve been missed and that’s so nice to hear. i love putting these together — they’re challenging and they take some time, but i get a lot of creative pleasure from the process. so, here you go — we’re celebrating separated at birth once again — i hope you enjoy.


Atriumhaus Händelallee and david bowie.


design*sponge and anjelica huston.

mick jagger and davide lovatti photography.

shabby chic and paul mc cartney.

• top image olivia newton john aka, sandy and rue magazine.

22 responses to “separated at birth.”

  1. I love these.

    I had a discussion with a friend recently about Mick Jagger. It’s subjective, but I maintain that Mick was really appealing when he was young (my pal disagrees). I think that picture you posted here might prove my point though.

  2. I glanced at my screen without reading the title and had a little intake of breath! I knew it had to be a Separated at Birth post. What a beautiful collection. I particularly love the Anjelica Houston and Design Sponge separated at birth. The lines of the pillows remind me of Angelica’s personality. Thank you!

  3. You are so good at this. I mean really good. You would make a great magazine editor but better than that, what these separated at birth’ really conjure is not a separation per-day but this “subliminal-connection” where we get to connect the dots. So you are more of a seer really when you do these! Love them.

  4. oh gosh i just love “sab” series of yours. this is seriously one of the best in the whole blogasphere – I’M SO GLAD IT’S BACK:)!!!!

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