thoughts for a friday.
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• have you ever read twyla tharp’s the creative process? an old boyfriend recommended it to me, and before i could get really into the book, we broke up. so you know — then the book was tainted for me. look at the book, think of the jerk. but i think i might need it. in this book she breaks down all the aspects of living a creative life, the struggles, joys, and lessons along the way. i feel very cluttered right now, so maybe tainted or not, it’s time again for twyla.

• isn’t this the prettiest lamp you ever did see? i love it, and i think i need it. it’s called the vanderbilt table lamp in blue crackle + maple by caravan pacific. Shannon Guirl turned to wood turning and ceramics to cure a creative itch and found a new passion in designing mid-century modern lighting With the aid of a successful Kickstarter campaign and a skilled team of craftspeople in Portland. good on Caravan Pacific. pretty, pretty lamps.

• i’ve taken a liking to bourbon whiskey. don’t get concerned — not in large quantities. but you can make a mean cocktail with this stuff, did you know? i like this bulleit brand but it might have a great deal to do with the bottle. i like these bottles and i like them almost as much when they’re empty. pretty water decanters, no? (note: scrub ’em real hard unless of course you enjoy a whiskey aftertaste with your water).


• this is super nice and very thoughtful of blogger Victoria Hudgins of a subtle revelry — she’s compiled 25 romantic fonts that are free to download. how swell is that? thank you victoria! head on over to a subtle revelry for all the individual font links.


• i haven’t seen soap on a rope since sometime in the late seventies, but much like their hotels, if someone was going to make it cool again, ace would be the place. lovingly handcrafted in small batches at Studio J in Portland — on a hand-knotted macramé cord inspired by a rain chain. ace hotels has a super fun line of homewares, accessories and all kinds of gadgets we may not need but really want anyway. i love this pearl + soap chain. i’m having sense memories of old spice or stetson man. or something…lather up and happy weekend!

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  1. It is indeed, time for Twyla. I read that book many years ago and loved it. I’m also feeling “cluttered” right now, and recall that Twyla has a very excellent process for making way for the infusion of creativity in one’s life. Thanks for mentioning the book—I need to read it again.

  2. Twyla’s book is amazing. I read it a few months before portfolio review in college, and it definitely helped me unblock my brain to actually produce something, so I could graduate. Even though I’m not in “art block” right now, I think it’s time to read it again. View it from a different angle. Thank you for the reminder of the amazing book!

    (and those fonts!!! gah!! love them!)

  3. Twyla Tharp’s Creative Habit is one of my top five favorite books for energizing, focusing and supporting a more productive output. Really practical and straightforward. An easy read.

    Love that you shared it Thanks. Krista

  4. Have you read The War of Art by Pressfield? I love how primal his message is..
    Clearing our spaces is such deep work, beyond just removing our physical clutter. I’m grateful for vino. Cheers.

  5. Tharp’s book is amazing – my bible and go-to book for getting myself into action. An easy read – fascinating – and so, so, inspiring. She wrote another one about collaboration. Oh, to be Twyla when I grow up….

  6. went through a bourban phase a couple of months ago – favourite cocktail – 1 x juice of freshly squeezed grapefruit, double shot bourban, teaspoon of soft brown sugar and a dash of good quality vanilla… shake violently over ice and pour into matini glass (cinnimon and suguar coated if you feelin fancy).
    so good and really hard to get a hangover from (i tried one night) – think it’s all the vitamin C.


  7. Hi V! Just found your post, thank you so much for the kind words. And for sharing those beautiful fonts! Just love, love your blog, could peek around it for ages :)

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