out of africa.
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my friends dan and eszter rabin have a beautiful flat in san francisco’s eureka valley and i’ve shared it here before. but lately eszter’s been traveling to north tanzania and spending time with the masai tribes, working with the women there helping them to create sustainable employment using their existing beading skills to create beautiful jewelry. eszter’s sidai designs is non-profit organization supporting Maasai women by collaborating with them to create and market beaded jewelry based in traditional beading techniques that are infused with modern aesthetics — just have a look at the lovely lookbook and gallery.


and every time eszter comes home from one of her trips, she brings another piece of beautiful africa with her — from the rugs and throws, to unique wood carvings and sculptures, so i always enjoy a fresh look at how her travels have inspired new looks around their home. this time is no different. have a look at sidai designs and the wonderful work eszter and the women of the maasai tribes are making together. you can also follow along on eszter’s adventures in africa on her blog 7 miles below.







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  1. These are amazing. If I ever pay $75 for a bracelet, I’ll make sure it’s from Sidai Designs (and probably soon, considering my birthday’s coming!). Thank you for featuring this. It’s amazing!

  2. i am going to Tanzania and Zanzibar this summer and am really excited to check out the artisan markets, etc. I love to keep my home full of things I’ve picked up on adventures but I am particularly intrigued by the vibrant beads and textiles I am anticipating. Your friends experience sounds fascinating ~ on my way to check out her blog.


  3. Amazing home (love the light,) and amazing jewelry. I have created many pieces inspired by the beautiful Maasai people, their beadwork is so soulful and beautiful.

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