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oh, how i long to be smeg-worthy. i mean, i think i’m deserving of a smeg refrigerator, but perhaps my pocketbook is not up to its hefty challenge. a smeg is worth saving for though, as anna at door sixteen recently reminded me. a smeg is ‘the’ refrigerator and i mean to own one of these babies one day. but perhaps unlike some, i do not long for the ice-cream pastel smegs but instead the creamy, off-white smeg. she’s the one for me. let’s worship upon a few more smegs in the neutral end of the color palette, shall we? yes, i say let’s.


magnus selander photography.


clockwise l to r: sköna hem; apartment therapy; strawberries with milk; and vt wonen.




strawberries with milk.


varpunen; dusty deco; sköna hem; and loving my jetlag.

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  1. Okay, that was weird. I was told I was posting too quickly, but only clicked once?

    I think they are really cute, but you need to leave a foot for it to open properly (per the specs). Since most people buy these to save space, that doesn’t really make sense to me. Also, the price is a huge drawback.

    • hmmm, i don’t know why that happens but i’ll check it out. it does occur now and then.

      they may not be practical, but i surely do love them. it’s just one of those pretty things. :)

  2. The Ace Hotel in NYC uses these fridges (in cream or black) for their mini bars. I would love a black one for my flat!

  3. Smeg is really iconic in kitchen appliance design. I also love their dishwashers. I mean, who would think that even a dishwasher could look stylish in a kitchen!!

  4. We are redecorating/remodeling our kitchen and this is something I am saving for! I think I want the silver one though. Also doing a checkerboard floor with Marmoleum.

  5. I am very lucky to have scored myself a Smeg and though the creamy is dreamy, I went for the pastel green which is perfect for me. Not a day goes by that I regret the purchase (I did get a good deal, they are out there) and other than my cat there is not a thing in my apartment I love more.

  6. I am on the creamy off-white Smeg train with you! I do love the classic black too. ;) I have yet to find the larger version with the two handles. (Freezer on top) Do you know another resource for them besides the Smeg and West Elm websites?

    • Hey Elena,
      As far as I know the two compartment smegs are not ava at all in the U.S…. yet. It would not hurt to write the company and suggest that change that.

  7. SMEG Love….
    I once took a job in West London (Off Richmond Cricket Green) it was so idyllic and just the kind of location that I always dreamed of working in – however the job really was not for me and we all realised this quite quickly – but afterwards I realised what had made me go for the job in the first place – they had a SMEG fridge!

    • i am glad to know that i am not the only person who would rather have an aesthetically pleasing appliance over a diamond.

  8. Yes, yes! – you’d be crazy not to love a Smeg. I too love the cream the most. I touched one in the store one day. They ARE crazy expensive and have a disappointingly low energy rating so they are probably expensive to run too. But aaaahhhh, yes the Smeg…

  9. They are not as energy efficient as many Japanese ones though. That’s why even though I had the budget for it I didn’t get it.

  10. I love this post! I, too, have long lusted after a Smeg retro fridge. Last time we were fridge shopping I was miles off convincing my oh-so-practical husband, but who knows… some day. I love the space and mod-cons of our current fridge (the icemaker is a godsend in summer) but I think the sheer joy of opening a beautiful Smeg fridge would trump its less-practical aspects! I love the pastel pink and baby blue colours, but I think when it came actually buying one… I would probably go for a simple, stark white one, and let its beautiful contours speak for themselves.

  11. First off, get one you deserve it! Secondly, I love the one you show in the images above (although I might want the black one). However, on the Smeg site they only show the single door refrigerators with a freezer “compartment”. I want one with a separate freezer. So much better, right? Do they not make the 2-door anymore I wonder…?

  12. Here is another link to a Smeg-Benita at Chez Larrson had to have one. I love her blog and would love to be half as organized as she is. Benita gets more done in a weekend than I do in a month! Her house renovation is total inspriration. Here is the link-

  13. Well, I have the two-compartment Smeg in black (living in Europe) and really love it. Every time I’m in the kitchen, cooking or just going past it, it makes me happy all over again that I decided to go for it. As for the energy efficiency – it’s an A+ rating and my electricity bill has actually gone down.

  14. I totally understand your passion for Smeg refrigerators! When I was like 15 years old I first saw one in a magazine and since that day I knew I wanted one for my future house. And twelve years later, I finally got one for my new house. The bright red one, shiny as a candy apple. :-) And I love it so much, it’s probably my favourite “furniture” in the house… :-p

  15. i did not even realize that i needed a smeg until i saw this… you are doing god’s work here, victoria. how else would i have known?

  16. I have loved my red Smeg these last 8 years, but it has now gone Caput. My husband always complained that the interior was flimsy and not worth the money, with one of the door shelves breaking at one stage. I was happy to overlook this, however 8 years is not a long time considering how much it cost. Having looked at reviews online the brand seems to have a very poor reputation regarding customer service, length of time time waiting for parts and the sturdiness of their design beneath the highly appealing aesthetic exterior. Miele is my appliance brand of choice simply because I know they will give me years of service with high efficiency ratings. It is a shame that Smeg has neglected such considerations in favour of design, rather than pursuing robust design with aesthetic appeal. I for one will not be replacing my Smeg with a Smeg.

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