thoughts for a friday.
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i’ve had the flu this week so in-between bits of fevered delirium i’ve had lots of time to think. you know how when you’re sick it’s almost like new year’s, and you make all these really self-help, affirmation-like resolutions to yourself like, “when i get better, i am going to juice everyday. and walk for miles. and live more simply.”? do you do that? you just appreciate your body and a healthy lifestyle that much more when you feel like absolute crap, right? then the next day, a bag of lay’s drops in your lap and you’ve been brainwashed by the man all over again, “just one chip”. anyway, i digress. i’ve been thinking about living more simply, and good design, and what i like to share here. so here are my simple thoughts for a friday.

• so, good design. this certainly applies — this up top is ballpoint pen wallpaper by talented New york designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew and her brand byAMT. yep, a ballpoint pen drew this design. even the scribble one is rad. go look — you’ll see what i mean. These cheeky graphics are a clean and unexpected nod to childhood misadventures. Mom and Dad: please take note and don’t discourage the wee artists in your household.

• vinyl — do you listen to it? you remember these don’t you – records. with their ultra-cool cover designs and the smooth feel of the disc in your hands as you gently slip it onto the turnable and ever so carefully lower the needle. i’ve been really into them (again) lately and love hunting them down at the flea market or once in a while i’ll make a special field trip over to streetlight records on market street to browse their two floors of record collections. i’ve found some gems for less than $10. good old records — you can’t beat the feeling or their nostalgic sound.

• live and make more simply. i do not jest here. i really do want to do things like canning and preserving. i do want to own a toaster, and not a toaster-oven. i like old stuff and i like it a lot better than new stuff. it’s just better designed, thus cooler looking, and for some reason i’d much rather look at the stuff in my cupboard and shelves in old glass jars than some modern cannister. do they even still call them cannisters?


• graphic design eye candy. i just love this layout by designer jessica comingore for a cd for renée yoxon for her new album with mark ferguson. i love the color palette, i love the shapes. i love it all. and i guess here’s proof that some cd’s do have just as cool design as the old vinyl. lesson learned. read more about their beautiful collaboration here on jessica’s beautiful blog.


• nighty nite. sherie muijs has launched a limited edition nightshirt, sold exclusively through Simon James Concept Store. she’s only made only 30, so act now — like those infomercials often say, “quantities are limited”. that’s sherie there, by the way — looking cozy, reading magazines in bed like we all long to do, just below her very lovely bookshelf. it’s simple too. i love that.

• kitchen image by jessica comingore; vinyl image by audioklassiks.

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  1. Have you considered adopting “Choose Simple” as a guiding principle when confronted by choice, Victoria? Your site remains one of my favorites over the years. thank you.

  2. I completely agree with you, Victoria. Towards the ed of last year I caught dengue. Though at first I was quite chilled about it, suddenly people in Bombay with dengue started to die (just a couple, but still) & my sickness became a little worse. It was one of the few times when the question came up in my mind- am I going to die? Well that too passed. When I was in the hospital with it I made all sorts of resolutions & I’m happy to say that I stuck with them for most part. Most of them were about being more creative & eating healthy. But I didn’t make any for the new year, so bah!
    About records too, I’ve been really meaning to get back to them. I’ve started to collect them (not many, about 30) & my parents plan to buy a very nice turntable soon. I’ve never really used a record, but your description made me really excited! :D

  3. I lost nearly 10 pounds last year by finally making a long overdue change and going off dairy. No milk- no cheese. And I try to green-juice once a week. Those little change’s have made my life more simple. And being sick is the pits. You long to have any craving! Even a salty chip! Drink coconut water with electrolytes. It help’s a depleted body suffering dehydration and munch on a bag of Lay’s. I say go for it!.. The last photo is cool. I like that shelf..

  4. love this post! and especially that last picture.
    my life is pretty hectic at the moment and it’s taking its toll on me. i feel like i need to find the time to walk places, cook better meals and just have a bit of down time! it can make all the difference. tea and magazines in bed this weekend sounds like a great idea!

  5. “And then a bag of lay’s drops in your lap”…so funny! Hope you are feeling better. Just read your interview on Design*Sponge. It was so candid and inspiring; thanks!

  6. ha, i absolutely do that! the second i start feeling better, it’s all too easy to get back to old habits. also, when i’m sick i tend to fluctuate back and forth between promising to be healthier to craving comfort foods!

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