butterflies are free.
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i’ve always been attracted to the mid-century modern butterfly chair. as a kid i think my parents had them on our backyard patio (flip them over and they have the makings for a great fort). they are the perfect chair for a high-low mix like you see in this glamourous high-ceilinged living room photographed by line klein for rum magazine. i love the unexpected contrast they add to all that fancy crown molding and marble mantelpiece. here’s a few more eclectic butterfly looks i love. you can see more of my favorite butterfly chairs on my pinboard, butterflies are free.


Stella Harasek’s Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy butterfly chair.


clockwise, l to r: alexis toureau photography; iron butterfly from at west end; Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy original Butterfly Chair; lonny; vintage butterfly & fishnets via anexo solana del mar.


black leather buttery Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy butterfly chair from Stella Harasek’s home.

• also up top is talisman 1970’s knoll leather butterfly chair.

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  1. i have a slight obsession with these chairs… trying to hold off buying one until i can find a vintage one in mint condition… may not be able to wait after seeing this post! love, love, love! sue

    • i had an Urban Outfitters leather one and it was quite nice, actually. i didn’t have room for it in my new place, so i sold it to a friend. it was super comfortable, too.

  2. I may be in the minority but I think these chairs are incredibly uncomfortable! I do like how they look, and was also obsessed with them, until I sat in one. Now I look at them and think about the pain I’ll be in after 20 minutes & then the awkwardness of trying to get out of one .. Sorry to be a downer.

      • well I must confess that I hurt my back 3 years ago and that is probably the reason I find them so uncomfortable. So if you are still spritely then enjoy! And remember to bend your knees and tighten your abs before you lift (and never bend/twist!) so that you can forever enjoy these lovely looking chairs.

  3. Oh God, desperate to pin down at least one of these chairs for good. Love them so much. Have always thought white on white but the black frames are pretty spesh too. Arrhh decisions, decisions… Thanks

  4. loving the pictures!

    actually the last pic is also from Stella Harasek’s apartment and the whole lovely apartment can be found in one of her blogs Hima…

  5. Thanks for promoting this awesome classic butterfly leather chair design from Argentina. We are a small Workshop located in Buenos Aires and craft them and ship worldwide.

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