over the moon for these.
by victoria comment



moonish IS THE very clever joint CREATIVE VENTURE OF MATT & GIOVANNA TAYLOR CONCEIVED IN THEIR SMALL STUDIO SHOP IN BROOKLYN. their creation, hand-dyed moonish wood tiles WORK WITH A SIMPLE COMBINATION OF MAGNETS AND STEEL. so, simply by peeling THE PROTECTIVE BACKING FROM THE CORNERS​ AND APPLYing THE moonish TILEs TO your WALLs IN THE DESIGNATED SPOT; you then APPLY PRESSURE and THE STEEL CORNERS REMAIN FASTENED TO THE WALL AND YOU’re LEFT WITH YOUR MAGNETIC TILE TO REAPPLY AND REAPPLY as you please. a RENTERS’ DELIGHT, right? i love the moonish geometric patterns and soft color palettes, too — and naturally am quite fond of the black and white!






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  1. Oh yes. These are just wonderful…I’m sure we’ll be seing them chez toi very soon!
    PS Loved your interview on Design Sponge today, your honest voice ringing so true there too.

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