because everything they do is magic.
by victoria comment



i love herriott grace. everything the canadian father-daughter woodworking and design team creates is of the finest taste, and stunning in its simplicity. not to mention the presentation — their photos are a work of art unto themselves. Lance lives in Victoria, and sends his handmade goods to Nikole in Toronto where she styles and photographs the pieces, and together they are Herriott Grace.


the blog forty-sixth at grace is a feast on the eyes, too. see, i’ve got a big design crush on them. herriott grace just celebrated fours years in business, so i thought i’d share some of the beautiful creations they’ve been up to lately, including some new porcelain dishware, as well as kitchen linens, cake flags, birthday candles, beeswax salve and cookie cutters. all of their pieces are limited edition, one of a kind — so if something you like is sold out, check back for shop updates and join their mailing list.

oh, and if you’d like to see more, watch their documentary short here and the full documentary here. happy birthday herriott grace!





• photos by nikole herriott and michael graydon; styling also by nikole herriott.

12 responses to “because everything they do is magic.”

  1. I love their style too, everything they produce is utterly wonderful and delightful. (the 2nd image down says Harriott, should it be Herriott?) xx

  2. thank you for this. As a creative daughter with a farmer dad [far apart from one another] I’m so jealous of their work together. What a beautiful collaboration.

  3. Wow I am going to look at their stuff! Love it. What a great opportunity to work with your dad. (I was able to make a short 16mm film with my dad before he died. This just reminds me of it.) Family collaboration is the best. There is so much heart in it!
    “Magic” like you say!

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